Phone strap question

  1. I'm looking to buy an LV phone strap, but i'm curious how it attaches to the phone. I know what part on my phone it goes on, but how do you get that little piece of looped thread to hook on? Is the thread stretchy?

    TIA for your help!
  2. I usually take something like an unbent paperclip to gently encourage the loop through and then slip the strap through the small loop. Currently, my phone has no such hook.
  3. Yea, most phones have a little loop for the string. Check your phone out to see if it has it before buying it.
  4. It can take quite some time and just some luck to get it to go through. I have found that the LV phone strap strings are more flimsy than some of the others and it takes a lot of patience. If you can get it past the halfway point on the thing on your phone you can use a safety pin or paper clip to pull it all the way. I've attached mine quite a few times and its never gone quickly. But it looks so good on!!
  5. I found it hard to put in when I tried to put the Dragonne Cell Phone Strap into my phone. :s
  6. Does anyone know off hand how much the Vernis phone straps cost? Or any type of LV phone strap for that matter....?

  7. not sure of the price, my LV store has never had them instock. price, anyone?
  8. I'm pretty sure my SA said $240 for the vernis phone straps...
  9. Does anybody have pics? I cant seem to get how to attach the phone strap
  10. My 8800 have no place for phone strap so I used mine with my PSP :p
  11. Ok I think you guys misunderstood, I know how and where it hooks to my phone (i have a Coach one on there now), My concern is getting that big huge strap through the small little loop once it's through the hook part on my phone... does it fit through the little loop? I know my coach one is pretty small, and the loops is big, so it wasn't a problem.
  12. The loop is big enough for the strap to fit thru!!!
  13. I didn't know people still used phone straps. Could someone post a modeling picture?
  14. Oohh, well then, off to buy a MC one!:yahoo:
  15. What color MC ... Black or White?

    I have been looking for a Black MC Phone Strap for the past 2 months and have had no luck. :sad: