Phone SA help..

  1. As some of you may know.. I just received my first ever "H" item I would like to order something else.. The SA I used is on vacation for the next week and I don't really want to wait ( yes, I have the fever) I was wondering if any of you wonderful people could maybe let me know what would be a good store to call and maybe an SA who is very patient for a "phone only" customer....Thanks bunches and if you would prefer to PM me.. that would be okay!! The gal I worked with last was at the LV store...:smile: Thanks bunches
  2. You don't want to stay with that store? You would be supporting your SA's store by shopping with them for your next "get". I'm sure someone will be happy to help you!
  3. ^^ Yes, just call the store and say that you are so and so's customer but he/she is away, so could someone else help you out.
  4. BTW when I've done that (^^) my SA has gotten the sale under their quota and I've scored major brownie points which are shown in ways later down the road.
  5. Thanks..everybody:yes:
  6. Call LV and ask for Ryan or Josh...the mgr/asst mgr...I believe those are their names...others, please verify...

    Let them know you are a customer of X as mentioned above...

    That's what my LV SA asks me to do if she is unavailable...
  7. Another thing, some of the stores may not help you with a phone order unless you are an established customer with your information on file already at that store. Or if your store calls on your behalf to another store.