Phone Orders

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  1. Can you call the LV store and tell your SA what you want and give them your c/c numbers BEFORE the price hike, then go pick it up from the store in person a few days later (after the price hike) so that way you can have the old price? I can't get to the store this weekend and I'm thinking maybe I should buy another LV or am I going crazy here... :wacko: I already got a damier papillon and a mini sac last week. :lol: What do u ladies and fine gents think?

    The price hike is making me rather anxious here... :cry:
  2. Irissy, in my opinion I think it would be perfectly fine to call up with your c/c/ number. Ya know some SA though..they don't want to go that extra mile for customers..I say try it though! AS for buying another LV...who am I to say "no"...I would be the first to get another one..for the price hike alone! :biggrin:
  3. Yay... I just might do that tomorrow then!! :nuts:
  4. Please read my addtl post on LV prices. I corrected myself! :shame:
  5. I'm not sure you can call in and give ur CC ...I've tried to do that and I've been told that I couldn't, eventhough they have me on file. What I had to do was be faxed a receipt, fill it out with my CC info and fax it back to purchase the bag.
  6. when is the price hike happening?
  7. Wednesday, Feb 22. Please read LV prices thread. :smile:
  8. Hmm, I'll try to call tomorrow or maybe I should really save my money and wait until the damier speedy comes out. :P
  9. I am so unaware to the price hikes, I just buy the damn bag. Someone please inform me as to the situation of this. Thanks
  10. Price hike starting next week and should be around 5% increase. They do it every year around this time. Hope this helps!
  11. Ok, so I called the LV store and asked for my SA but the lady who picked up the phone wouldn't let me talk to her. lol I guess she wanted the sale herself. :lol: I told her I want the Damier Mini Ribera and have her check to see if they are Made in France. She responded that they are all the same quality and most likely made in USA or Spain since they're the smaller bags. I told her I'm rather picky with my bags and have her PLEASE check them for me. She replied "If I go check and they're not made in France, will you still want them?" I said "no, but I'll want the damier speedy instead" (thinking that she probably wants to get rid of me and meanwhile I'm already thinking of demanding to have her let me speak to my SA if she doesn't comply to my demand). :P So 5 min later, she comes back and tells me that they only have 4 in stock right now and they're all made in Spain. Well, I'm getting kind of desperate here and I really like this little cute number so I finally cave in. She took my info and will grant me the old price when I go down there next week to pick it up. So they DO take phone orders!! Yayyyyy... :biggrin: Now, I need to start posting my old bags up on ebay to satisfy this LV cravings I've been having thanks to this forum. :Push:

    This forum is getting dangerous for me...
  12. hehe yeah, they take phone orders :biggrin: I had one done when I got my bedford. They are really good about that kind of thing. Glad to hear your situation got resolved favorably! :love:
  13. Speaking of being "on file," I hate being "on file" anywhere, just on principle. I don't like having my purchases tracked, frankly, it's not the store's business. Usually they are nice when I ask not to be put on file.

    However, I was actually told by LV that I'm "required" to be on file. Is that even legal?
  14. Maybe they like to keep track of your purchases so if you buy alot of their bags, they'll send you invites to special events? :blink: That's what I'm hoping for... :biggrin:
  15. I actually like doing phone orders. I used 866-VUITTON today to get some inclusion bits, the process was ultra easy.