Phone orders

  1. I was wondering if it's possiple to make a phone order from an LV boutique.Has anyone done this?
    There is no LV boutique where I live, a trip to Athens is out of the question (10 hours with a ship...:cursing:) as I live on an island and E-lux doesn't ship inernationally...
    I'm frustrated...

    PLS help...LOL!
  2. Yes you should have no problem making a phone order! You will just have to pay the shipping fees! xx
  3. What will they ask me for? payment way etc?
    I'm a little shy...Afraid of asking for the wrong thing as I don't know whether the bags' names change in another language(if this is stupid, pls ignore...:push::shame:smile:
  4. just say it how you think it is...the SA dont expect you to know how to say it properly. Infact one of them that i have used didnt know how to say it!
    Erm...the usual-credit card number, address, name etc
  5. I think you can make a phone order from an lv store.
  6. Oooopsss...the only way to pay is credit card?I don't have one...
  7. you can pay by debit card if you dont have a credit card.
  8. Oh thanks!
  9. I order a lot of items by phone seeing as the closest store is a 10 hour+ drive.:cursing:
    They might also ask you to fax your photo id and filled out LV order form (which they fax you first.) That is what they always ask for here.
  10. yea, i just paid $10 to ship it.
  11. Almost all my LV comes from a phone order as I don't have a local boutique. :crybaby:Even if you don't know the name of the bag (or how to pronounce it) SAs are generally good at helping you out.
  12. Yup, I've ordered something from an LV boutique before. It was as good of an experience as if I would have gone to the boutique! :tup:
  13. When I did my first phone order, I had to fill out a fax with name, address, credit card information, phone number, the usual. No photo ID here though, probably because we don't require that for credit card usage in Canada. From then on, my phone order purchases were simply made over the phone without having to refax anything ever again. Very good experiences always. Sometimes I get free shipping!
  14. Hmm, so if I order from an LV store in the USA and get it shipped to Canada, I can pay by debit or credit card? Eeeek :smile: How accomodating!!
  15. Ooh, don't know if you can do US to Canada (or vice versa), but it would be worth a try!