Phone Orders in SH outlet

  1. Hey guys! I hope everybody it enjoying their summers! I just wanted to let everybody know that we can not do phone orders on the weekends now. We can only do them Monday through Friday. It just gets so crazy in the store on weekends. But anyways, hopefully talk to you guys soon! :smile:
  2. Ahh that's good to know..everyone was going crazy hahha.
  3. It's summertime in the Hamptons!! :yahoo:
  4. ^__^ thanks for the post Lindsey! i assume 4th of july weekend is rather hectic, so thanks for taking the time to fill us in~

    cant wait for monday :3 imma call right after i wake up lol
  5. lol... thanks lindsey!! I'm calling monday first thing I remember as well :lol:
  6. lindsey let me tell you, you are the bomb im sure you may not remember me or my order but you picked the placement on my pirata gioco & helped me find my perfect placement for my adios star ciao ciao & they were both PERFECT!! thank you sooooo much ILOVE THEM!!!!! in my opinion sh is the nicest of all the outlets you guys were much more helpful
    thank you sooooooo super much:yahoo:
  7. So it's better to call than to e-mail?
  8. Yes call them!! I called today and got a AS gioco and an Inferno ciao ciao..
  9. i called today too! i got Diane ^__^ she was nice, my stuff should be shipped tomorrow.

    i got a adios star zucca and bambinone, and a inferno bambinone.

    do you guys know why they charge California sales tax if they are located in NY? >.>;
  10. i just placed my order for my inferno ciao! teresa said lindsey wasn't in today and diane stepped away. but she helped me just as well! =)
  11. California has a lesportsac store... they wont charge tax unless u have a store located in your state :sad:

    I called today and put an inferno bambinone w/ the vampire bunnies on hold since my mom is supposed to be depositing money to my account before I can get it. They said they only found one w/ it in the corner so hopefully my friend will like it enough :rolleyes: luckily she isn't the pickiest person in the world and just wants one :lol:
  12. Ooooh.. no weekends?? Thats fine with me, I guess. I dont wake up early enough on the weekends to call NY :lol: I'm 6 hrs behind them :sad:

    Just got my bambinones today!! Thanks Lindsey for the AWESOME placements!! :tup:
  13. OH MAN LOL! i thought there was no tokidoki stores here... and theres one in LA but its a boutique AHH *curses*

    how long does it usually take to ship bags?
  14. they ship ups ground which kind of sucks... mine got here last time in like a week (7 total days) I think... it kind of sucks that they dont take calls on the weekends anymore because I share my minutes w/ my family and so :shocked: lol... anyways what other bags do the outlets sell other than tokidoki? I want to get a little bag for toiletries :p
  15. ^ lesportsac bags lol. ive seen them in person they look weird... like polkadots and flowers o_o; they look boring