Phone Order from NM or Saks for Chanel Maxi to Canada

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am from Canada and I am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to order the chanel maxi by phone from Neiman Marcus or Saks?

    Also, how much will duties be on a bag this price?

    Is it cheaper to buy it in Canada and pay the 13% tax or just pay duties with the US dollar?

    Thank you!
  2. I once bought a a bag for $3100. I live in Canada as well and I got taxed $800 something. With the currency conversion and the tax it equals out to about the same amount as if you were to buy it in the boutique unless you can find someone that is willing to mark it as gift so you wouldn't have to pay the duties but the downfall on that is you're not insured.
  3. Holy crap! So if you have it sent to a friend in the U.S. and he/she sends it to you, you don't pay the tax? You could always buy insurance with shipping, and it certainly won't be $800! I don't live in Canada either but am still curious.
  4. I bought a bag from one of the girls on tfp just a few months back. She was kind enough to mark the bag as gift and wrote down the value of it as $200. I still got taxed $18. Which I find kinda ridiculous considering it was a "gift." Canada customs are extremely strict so the best bet would be to send it to a friend in the U.S and have them send it to canada.
  5. Thanks everyone for your answers! I will try to get around to emailing your SAs sometime this week to inquire! :smile:

    BarbieChanel, did you order the Maxi from NM and it came to that price?
    I would definitely not risk 3100 for the 800 dollar insurance; its just not worth it at all!

    I was in Vegas this past summer and the Maxi bag was 3700, but they didnt have the SHW and thats what I wanted... She said she could order it from Florida but it wasnt 100% final that the bag would get to me before I left :sad:

    My birthday is coming up and my mom said she wants to buy it for me :smile: We just arent sure what to do! Also if I order from Saks or NM I want to be sure that the bag will be untouched.. never displayed or anything! Its just too risky because if I have to return the item they will charge me duties AGAIN! (despite free returns) just bc Im from Canada!
  6. True about the gift thing! Too bad i dont have any friends in the US! :sad: Itd almost be worth it to take a trip down there just to buy it! hahaha

    If youre there for a certain # of days your allowed to claim a certain amount right?

    My parents were in London a month ago at Selfridges and they were sold out of the maxi and most bags + overpriced too for what they saw!
  7. I had no clue what the taxes would be that much. I wasn't expecting $800!!! Oh well, lesson learned I guess...
    Contact the SA the girls have suggested and see if they are willing to lower the value on the custom forms or mark it as gift. That would be the best bet or you'll have to wait till you take a trip down there.... It sucks everything in canada is so much more expensive and we don't get much varity either....

    I think if you go to the u.s for 24 hours they allow only $150. And the following days are not much more...
    Update us on what you choose to do!! Good luck
  8. Do you know the price here? May be you can see what the total is if you buy is here after 13% tax then you can decide if you should get it from US or not.

    I live in Toronto but I have a shipping address in US so I just bought two Chanel bags to save a bit on the tax. I don't know how much they are here in Toronto. I got the Classic flap in m/l and jumbo silver and one gold HW.
  9. The jumbo is $3700 with tax it comes to $4181
    The maxi is $4000 with tax it comes to $4520

    If you buy it from the U.S its much much cheaper even after the conversion and tax. The only problem is to beat customs. Hope that helps
  10. hi OP - if you go through NM or saks, duties and taxes will be added on automatically at their end and you will be required to pay for it if they ship it to you in canada.

    the limit for "gifts" without paying taxes is 60$ in canada, so you will be taxed for anything above that. if you send it to a friend, but they insure it for the value of the bag, it won't matter if it is marked "gift", because customs will tax the difference.

    they don't always charge duties, but i would have to say most of the time they do, so count in a ballpark of about 31% more on top of the purchase price. the tax bill is higher because they consider you to be importing a "luxury" item.

    as a result of that kind of math and acrobatics, i ended up buying my jumbo from a boutique in canada.

    sorry for the long post, but it is a bugger to get a customs bill you weren't expecting. hope that helps!
  11. thank you all :smile:

    i just spoke to the SA here in toronto and she told me that the current price of the maxi is 4080 with the new shipment they have just received!

    i would rather go and see the bag in person and make sure, and perhaps pay a little extra just to have it in front of me since the price difference isnt anything drastic