Phone numbers for paypal?

  1. Does anyone have a telephone number for paypal? TIA
  2. 1800 8541366

    i called them yesterday to complain about an issue. they were no help.

  3. Are you trying to file a claim of some sort? I have both telephone and fax numbers for claims. They are numbers to speak to a live rep after you have filed a claim and for a central fax to send copies of documentation ONLY- (and you must have a PayPal Claims number to reerence).

    PAYPAL CLAIMS 1-888-221-1161

    PAYPAL CLAIMS FAX 402-537-5731

    If you are calling for some other reason, let me know what department you are seeking and I will search my file to see if by chance I have other numbers. I have several numbers because I dealt extensively with PayPal in 2005. I was forced to file two large claims last year for merchandise totalling over $3,000.000 (happy to say I finally got EVERY penny back, but it was only die to my perisistence and hard work over 8 months time). Needless to say, I have a 2" file from then as I documented everything! PayPal contact numbers are EXTREMELY hard to come by,and I remember going through a multitude of departments before I was finally directed to the right one.

    You know, you may try this telephone number and a live rep would probably be able to fdrect you to the right department and give you a different number if these arent the ones you need.

    Hope this helps at least a little!
  4. Thanks ladies. A friend is having a problem with a claim and I knew someone here would have a phone number.

  5. Lulilu~

    Was your friend able to use the numbers? Tell her to be persistent if she doesn't get satisifaction right off the bat. It's a huge operation!
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