Phone Number for BalNY??

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  1. I am sorry if this is a double post, and I am sure that this number is already posted somewhere, but I can't find it?
    Many thanks!!:smile: :smile:
  2. 212-206-0872
  3. THANKS!!!:heart:
  4. For those of you who get their bags from here, is there a particular SA that you would recommend I ask for?

    Also, do they currently have stock of the S/S 07 bags? Any info would be fab! Thanks!!:smile:
  5. i personally :heart: sarah.... she is the best.....
  6. Ask for Joseph... he's such a sweetie and very patient on the phone too.
  7. Daphne is very nice. She picks great bags and is very patient.:yes:
  8. I'm going to give them a call today also to see what they have in stock. Do you think they would post to Australia?