Phone interview advice?

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  1. I have a phone interview scheduled for Monday for an internship:happydance:

    I've googled some tips and even wrote out some sample question's answers. Do you girls have any advice to add?

    I know to smile, not interrupt, etc. Hopefully I can remember all of this on Monday morning!

    TIA ;)
  2. Don't pick your nose. They can tell. :P

    Just kidding... just be yourself and be confident. The phone interview is obviously a screener to see if they want to shell the bucks to get you in. I am sure you will do great!!! GL!
  3. good luck
  4. speak clearly, articulate, and not too fast.
  5. Thank you all. I've been nervous all weekend. Can't wait until tomorrow!
  6. i just had 2 phone interviews and i kept my resume in front of me and i had notes ready to refer to! i felt a phone interview felt like less pressure! good luck
  7. ^^Thank you, I have written my notes and will be sure to have my resume in front of me!
  8. Not sure what google already advised, but be sure to use a land-line handset, not a headset or speakerphone. Also make sure if it's cordless that it's fully charged, LOL. Nothing more embarrassing than having your interview cut short by low batteries!

    Definitely have your resume printed and in front of you.
    Also have the job requisition (or description) printed and in front of you.

    I'm embarrased to say that I totally blew a first round phone interview for a Director job last year by relying on my computer: it crashed moments before the interview, taking my resume and job req with it. I spent critical moments trying to reboot and not focusing on the interview. By the time I regrouped I was hopelessly lost and had no point of reference for the conversation. Horrifying!

    Also, write out some questions before hand if you can. Most interviewers will end by asking if you have questions. It can be hard to think on the fly and ask good questions at the end of an hour of grilling.

    Finally, make sure that you are in a controlled environment, ie that your dogs won't bark, your cell phone won't ring, other interuptions that could be derailing to your train of thought.

    Good luck to you!! :wlae:
  9. ^^ Thank you for the great advice. I forgot to write out questions that I had for them. I will be doing that now :smile:
  10. I also have a phone interview coming up and I really appreciate this post-good luck to all!
  11. Make sure you look at the behavioral based interview questions. I am older & blew the first ones I had like that.
  12. HMW gave great advice! Speak slowly and articulate. Smile because they can tell from the other side- have your questions ready to ask- and have information in front of you. And most of all RELAX and be YOURSELF!!!

    Good luck
  13. I will echo a lot of the GREAT advice already given here...

    - Find a quiet place, ideally with a landline. NO noise distractions such as doors slamming, kids, dogs, street noise, etc. Make sure the phone is fully charged and that the reception is absolutely pristine if you must use a cell phone.

    - Have questions for the interviewer written down and ready to go.

    - Have a few key points/accomplishments that YOU want to make sure you talk to written down. Have a copy of your resume/cover letter/whatever you've sent to the company at your fingertips.

    - Don't be afraid to elaborate a bit on your answers. The challenge of phone interviews is that you don't have eye contact or body language to gauge the reaction of your interviewer...but I would suggest giving a summary-like answer to a question and then taking the time to provide an example or two. Part of the feedback I've gotten from others was that my answers were too short, leaving time for awkward silences, as an aside.

    - The last phone screen I had was with someone who loved to ask very 'big' questions...questions that are very open-ended. This was to get a feel for how I think on my feet and corrall something that could result in a 5-hour discussion, LOL. Things like "what are 3 opportunities that you see in this company?" or "What does client support mean to you?" I stuck with my rule to answer with a short summary statement and then elaborate a little with a few specific examples.

    - Try to find out the role/background of who is calling you. Is it someone from recruiting? A peer of the hiring manager?

    - Stand up during the interview. It sounds a little silly but it really helped me stay focused and strong.

    - Be sure to send a thank you to your interviewer.

    - Let your personality shine through!

    And best of luck!!
  14. Wow, great advice...

    Be yourself, speak slowly and clearly.

    Good luck!