Phone Interpreter Service When Calling Korea

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  1. Greetings,

    I just called EverM dental clinic regarding setting up an appointment. I used a Language Line interpreter service.

    Its a pay per minute service like $3.95 per minute, not cheap, but ok for short calls etc.

    I called the service told them the language korean, they connected me to a Korean interpreter who spoke very good english. I explained what I was trying to do, then connected the call to the clinic.

    He spoke with the reception lady there and got some info for me. She said they do have someone at EverM that speaks English. I booked an appointment and that was it.

    So I'm thinking I can even call the interpreter service while am in Korea if I'm at a clinic that doesn't have anyone.

    Just passing the experience.
  2. thank you, that's good to know! is it an international service? American? can you PM me the number please?*:smile:
  3. Could you tell me the number too please? Thank you!
  4. The website is . You open an account by going to sign up now. Put a credit card on the account and then they give you a pin. The charge is a per minute charge or you can get a monthly package etc. which is a lot cheaper if you are using it a lot.

    You call a number toll free USA or a USA domestic number that can be dialed from anywhere in the world. Then you enter a Pin and state the language you want . Then you tell an operator what number you want to call. No minimum on the pay as you go service, just $3.95 per minute

    You are connected to an interpreter first and explain what the call is about, then when ready you are connected to the number you are trying to reach(in Korea) Then the call starts.

    Good question I wonder if you can create an account if you are not in the USA. But I found this through an internet search. There are many competing interpreter companies out there. I will look around and see if Language Line or another service can have accounts created if you are in another country besides USA.
  5. I plan to call a few more clinics before arriving in Korea with this service. This way I can hear directly from the horses mouth if a clinic gives commission to an interpreter at the clinic.

    Its not like the phone interpreter is going to get a commission!
  6. if the interpreter is in korea (or korean) i wouldn't count on it! but if they are not in Korea I doubt it haha. :smile: thank you for the link, i will look into it. i'm sure they will say in the registration if there are any limitations.
  7. I'm a little confused as I haven't been following this thread so correct me if I'm wrong but.....are you guys actually considering going to a clinic where you have to rely on a translator to explain your needs to the surgeon :O If so that's an unnecessary risk seeing as what one wants to achieve thru cosmetic surgery is subjective and you won't know how accurate the translator is let alone if the translator understands exactly what you want. You would be better go going to clinics where the SURGEONS speak english. There's lots of skilled surgeons in Seoul who are highly proficient in English.

    Lol.......i ummm went to a skin clinic when i was in Seoul to get some microdermabraxion done......they didn't speak a word of English......i showed them a wiki link of what microdermabraxion is. They nodded and said they understood......AND THEY GAVE ME A CHEMICAL PEEL! i was red for 3 days....LOL but at least my skin looked pretty afterwards lol. Honestly tho i only went to them cos a)microdermabraxion is so common in Australia even beauticians know how to do it. b)i figured since it wasn't a surgery just a simple skin treatment it didn't matter much. In
  8. Could you tell me the skin clinic you went to ? I need a good chemical peel :smile:
  9. ROFL haha. I honestly don't know the name. I walked past it on the way back from one of my consultations and decided to go in. All i remember is that its near VIP clinic just one a few steps away walking towards the sinsa station
  10. Alright, I'll look around. Btw I understand your reasoning. I was thinking of using it more for setting up appointments, because that is where I'm assuming most of the commission deals are made.
  11. Thanks for posting the information on I've lined up an interpreter for when I plan to get jaw surgery in Korea to accompany me to consultations and the surgery, but this "getting started" bit of calling around to the clinics is a real challenge. I'll be checking out right away!
  12. Hi bro,
    Which procedure will you do at everM ?
    Is it jaw surgery ?
  13. Did you call me Bro???

    Anyways, Looking to do V-line possible zyogma.