Phone Case MM is just 5mm away.....

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  1. .... from being the perfect case for my iPhone 4:shucks:
    can't close it with the button. Just need a bit more to reach. Hopefully more ppl will feedback to LV for them to make a slightly longer pouch.
  2. That's a shame it's so close to fitting!

    This is why I can't bring myself to buy a phone case from LV, though I'd love one. I change my phone whenever my contract expires and I've always used iPhones since the first gen was released in 2007, but I'm too worried that when I upgrade even to a newer model of the same phone, the case will no longer fit. Unfortunately I won't be getting an iPhone 4 because I'm tied to a contract til next summer and it's not worth the extra cost til I can upgrade for free.

    I wish they'd make the iPhones the same dimensions every year so that LV could make a case that I know is going to last me for a long time!