Phone calls from Ebay

  1. just wondering, has anyone receive phone calls from Ebay? within the last month I have received 2 weird phone calls from Ebay. The first one I picked the call, it was a man who asked for me, I responded "this is she", him: " this is a courtesy call from ebay. good bye" and he hang up on me.:sad: ...when I called the number back there is a recording from Ebay saying that "Ebay ocassionally make random courtesy calls and that no further actions were required from me.

    Yesterday I have got another call from the same number. They didn't leave a message. Same recording again. What's going on?:shrugs:
  2. sounds very fishy. have you googled the number? or called ebay customer service and asked about it?
  3. i'm sure it is just like the phishing emails, trying to verify if this is you and your phone number...very strange!
  4. I have heard actually that sometimes ebay does call, although they've never called me. Although just hanging up after calling does sound weird!
  5. I've had Ebay call me before. It was just a courtesy call SURVEY! I answered their questions and that was it. They didn't ask for any of my info.
  6. I had a call from ebay! It was courtesy call to let me know they were ending one of my listings. I had a pair of 38 shoes listed and advertised them as an 8 or 7.5, they thought I was trying to sell two pairs of shoes in the same listing!! I explained, but apparently it had already been processed.
    I've also had ebay messages on my answering machine letting me know about upcoming promotions.
  7. Wow, I never knew they called you when they end an auction. At least you knew why so you could relist it without problems.
  8. Yeah they will call you only if you are a power seller to give you the heads up they are pulling your listing. I never really understood the point because it's not like they don't pull it if they get you on the line.
  9. I've never gotten any...only emails.
  10. Me too! Never, I didn't even know they call you!
  11. ive been a member on ebay for 4 years and ive never received any calls.. id probably assume that it was a scammer
  12. I got called once from ebay for giving me tips? lol and one from paypal asking me questions like what am i selling and where i get it and asking if i send with tracking. weird calls like that they always say they're just trying to give you helping tips, but i personally find them very annoying =[
  13. Since having incorrect contact information for your ebay profile is grounds for having your ebay id/account deregistered, my hunch is that they are randomly checking accounts as part of one of their Trust and Safety policing sweeps.

  14. Ahhhhh sneaky sneaky. I bet you are right.:yes:
  15. Yes, I received one just the other day. The automated female voice said, "This is eBay calling. If you are expecting this call, press 1." I didn't press any buttons, but hung on while she repeated the message three more times. Then I was disconnected.