Phone Call from SM - Kelly is coming!!!!!!

  1. ARGH!!!! I'm excited!!

    Just spoke to the Store Manager at my boutique - my green Kelly is coming soon!!!!!!!! (few more months away!)....

    I was SO excited to receive the call, I FELT like a VIP, even though I'm NO WHERE near one!!!!:lol:

    My heart is racing!!! One small step closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:

    Now I know how you girls feel when you get that call!
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:


    YAAY, Kristie! A few months to wait and your baby will be coming home!!!!! Congratulations my friend!!!!!
  3. THANKS!!!!

    I'm so bloody excited, it's like I already have it!!!!!!!

    He's not quite sure what leather he's expecting, but it's pall h/w, vert anis (not chartreuse) I hope I like her!

    And you want to know the first thing I thought? "Ok, now I just have to find my black Kelly and my combo Kelly"!!!!!!! I'm HOPELESS!!!!!!!! (and just a little greedy:shame: )

  4. oh that is sooo good to hear i am more than happy for you congrats you sooo deserve that bag :flowers:
  5. You gals are SUCH sweethearts!!! And I KNOW you understand how I'm feeling......My FIRST KELLY!

    It was such an out-of-the-blue call, too. It's 5pm Friday evening here......I was just getting up from a nap (bloody night feeds!) and now I couldn't sleep if you PAID me :lol: :roflmfao:
  6. Kristie....You will LOVE it regardless of it being vert or chartreuse. I THINK the Vert is a little "greyer" or rather more toned down than the chartreuse....Lilach? what do you think?

    pssst,'re only normal. I'm waiting on a little something that should be here tomorrow and I'm already planning the NEXT pruchase! Yikes!!!! We're all in the same boat.....
  7. oh and here :

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Lilach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin: :flowers:
  9. I'm SO glad it's not just me........:yes:
  10. Congrats Kristie!!! I think Anis is brighter than Chartreuse, but they're both lovely...the other day in H I saw a Bolide in Swift Vert Anis and it was devine...WOW! I love Lilach's Hola!!!I'll do it virtually aswell..!!:yes: LOL!
  11. duna - was it REALLY bright?
  12. no vert anis is not "in your face" bright like vert crue was. vert anis is kinda fresh apple green on togo and more yellowish muted on the other leathers. but it is stunning ! i bet you´ll love it
  13. excellent! - thanks Lilach:flowers: :flowers: :flowers: !!!

    edited to say - He thinks it's chevre - YAY!
  14. my pleasure. oh and vert anis is a surprisingly neutral colour (often paired with brown stiching) and really goes with nearly everything. it is kind of universal like potiron ;)
  15. I totally second what Lilach said...I love it (and I'm a neutral color girl!!):yes: