Phone Bag

  1. Hi- here is a pic of my black 2.55-2005 phone bag.....I have another one in grey. :love:
    chanel6.jpg chanel7.jpg
  2. Oooh, very cute. I remember seeing one in white at my boutique. Is that what Chanel calls it? A "phone bag"?
  3. Yes, it's called a phone bag. It was part of the 2.55-2005 collection and was only available in black and grey. They are fab!!
  4. Rose, what's the retail price? It is soooooooooo cute!
  5. I bought them around six months ago. They were $1095 each.
  6. Really? Only black and grey? I could swear the one white one I saw was this same bag.
  7. Very Cute!!
  8. It's very cute! Congrats!!!! How would you use it? For your phone/camera only? Or as a cool (and cute!!!) messenger bag??? I'd love to see pics of you with it on!!!! PLEASE????
  9. It was only issued in black and grey (according to my SA) in the 2.55-2005 season. They have, however, similar, (but not 2.55-2005) phone bags and they may have had a white one with 'CC' on the front (see photo). I use mine for my phone, lipgloss, credit card holder (Chanel) and some money. It does not hold much, but is a fab looking bag. I use mine all the time as I like to have my phone handy. I wear it as a messenger.
  10. I love it. Very cute =)
  11. so cute!
  12. Darling. Love it.
  13. Cute! I love it!