phonE aCcessoriEs cLub!!

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  1. i dont have any yet :shame: but i just bought the LG white choco mobile :heart: and thought why not form this club!!
    i am sure we all would love to get some ideas for our babies :graucho:
    show your phones girlz!! with straps.. with charms.. u name it!!

    i hope to become a member sO:huh::huh::huh:oon ;)
  2. Here's my black Inclusion charm (sorry it's with my Vegas bracelet lol):
  3. [​IMG]mine! christmas presents from my DH!:heart:
  4. yaaaay at last some one joined this club!! thanks girlz! keep them up!!
  5. I want a phone charm!!
  6. i join into this club with my LOVELY pastilles phone charm in multicolore!!!! once you have it - you will never get bored of it!:love:
    lv charm on lg.JPG
  7. awwwwwwww sweeeet mobile same as mine but a lovely shade of pink! and the pastilles surely rock on that cell!! :love:
  8. That's so cool!

    I want one too!
  9. Aww... I have the black (or dark) chocolate LG too!! I love that phone. :love:
  10. I am not sure if this was what it was made for,
    but I intend to use my new pochette tulum as a
    phone case:shame: .

    Here it is
  11. Here is my Black MC Cell Phone Strap. :biggrin:

  12. I've got the MC pastilles too. LOVE IT!!
    SA400027.JPG Pastilles Acc.jpg
  13. now that i actually figured out how to put a phone strap on, i REALLY want one!!
  14. LoVe charm,

  15. I'm in!!


    0420phone.jpg 0420mc.jpg