Phoenix Toki Lovers...

  1. Hi everyone! I am very new to this forum but have been collecting tokidoki bags from the very beginning launch. I'm soooo addicted!!

    Anyway, just wanted to give a heads up about the chandler mall....Macy's has a ton of lamore, pirata, and famiglia bags. The Nordstrom's as of today, the SA told me, got in the tutti print...from what I saw they had 2 dolces, 2 giocos, a campeggio, an adventura and one other I believe. They also have some famiglia and alot of the black bags with citta lining.

    One more thing...when I was in Macy's at Chandler I saw a really bad fake tokidoki bag (Flower/Spring) for sale amongst the real ones and brought it to the SA...she was so mad cuz it was obvious that someone had bought a real toki bag from there and then returned the fake. I cant believe someone has the nerve to do that!!
  2. I think someone else had a story like that & the SA they told had no idea what they were talking about.
    Some people are just :tdown: (the ones returning fakes as the real thing)
  3. That really wasn't there on Sunday when I returned my Spiaggia Stellina, so it must have been in the last couple of days. I will say that the two ladies who work in the handbag department are clueless. Wouldn't it had to have had one of the Macy's barcode stickers on it?? Ugh.

    One thing about that store that bugs me is that they tend to mix in the Tokis with the regular LeSportsac stuff, which they carry a whole ton of...they don't seem to know there's a difference. Makes you have to hunt through everything to find what's hidden.

    And did the Chandler Nordies get any Tutti Denaros? They had AS and Notte Denaros, but no Pirata, Lamore, or Famiglia.

    I might have to go see it in person...and maybe get me an Adios Qee!! :yahoo:

  4. Hi Littlesinner, welcome to the forum and I love your avatar =0)

    About the fake Toki you found...I think that's a really nasty scam that people have been pulling. I noticed it at a Norstrom rack recently when I saw some fake Rock&Republic jeans amongst the real ones. It's really infuriating :mad:
  5. Yeah I just cannot believe someone would do that.

    SisterBlue - The handbag ladies at that Macy's ARE really clueless. And no Tutti denaros at that Nordie yet. I gave my number to a very friendly SA, Nina, and she said she would call me as soon as they get any cuz that's what I'm kinda looking for if I get a call I'll definately let you know.
  6. Hello fellow Phoenix dweller :smile: that's a nasty scam at that Macy's. I wonder if that sort of thing can be traced back to the card used to purchase the item.
  7. welcome to the forum! wow, collecting from the start? i wish i was! i didn't think i would break down and spend this much money on a bag but couldn't help myself. it sucks that it's so much more expensive in hawaii! i wish i found this forum back then!!!

    btw, thanks for the update! i hope they have some when i go to phoenix in september! :smile:
  8. As of today, both Nordstrom and Macy's in Chandler have Tutti. Nordstrom had a Dolce, a Gioco, a Campeggio, and a Ciao Ciao, I think that's it. Also had a bunch of Notte, a Famiglia Zucca, and one lonely AS Ciao with no characters. Nothing on sale.

    Macy's in Chandler still has a bunch of Lamore, Pirata, AS, and Famiglia, and a bunch of Tutti too. In Tutti they had 2 Campeggios, 2 Dolces, 2 Stellinas (one of which came home with me), 2 BV's...I think that's it.

    As of yesterday, Macy's in Scottsdale didn't have Tutti yet.

  9. I'm hoping one of them will have tutti denaros and portatelefonos!
  10. i just got back from nordstroms & they had a tutti
    buon viaggio dolce campeggio & a ciao ciao
    but no denaros or porta :sad:
    i want a denaro
  11. I'm new as well, yay! Heh. :]

    Anyway, I just went to the Chandler fashion macy's today & bought one of the tutti campeggios. It was very near my perfect placement so I snatched it up since I foolishly let my PERFECT one go on ebay. >:sad: I think they had a MM, a gioco, another campeggio, a stellina, and a dolce left in tutti, and then some of the older prints were marked down. (I ALMOST bought the pirata bambinone they had for my sisters bday - $97! but she wasn't sure about placement).

    I have to ask, have any of you chandler fashion macy's shoppers had a weird experience with any of the purse girls? Ahaha. When I was shopping today one of them (it looks like she wrote "Marie" or could be "Maru" on the receipt) came up, asked if I was finding everything okay, & when I said "yes, thank you!" she just kind of stood there staring at me and my sister. She said "oh we just got those. Very cute" about the tuttis, but then she seriously just stood there looking at us for a solid 2 minutes or so. It was awkward. o___O I don't want to be stared down while I'm drooling over bags & deciding. She was a cute, medium height asian woman with long hair if anyone knows who I'm talking about.
  12. Both of the ladies in handbags at Chandler Macy's are clueless. The cute asian lady is nice but totally spacey, and the older lady is just nasty.

    You saw a Tutti MM there? I tore the display apart the day I bought my Stellina and I didn't see a MM, just a couple of BV's...wonder if they got more in?

    And also, have you ever dealt with the older SA at Nordstrom in Chandler, the one who wears the hat? She drives me insane. She's always like "Oh, that character is so cute", "put it over your shoulder, it would look LOVELY on you", etc...and I just want to study the damn bags in peace!!!!! I know they like to give personal attention to shoppers, but after a while, I'm thinking "back off!"

  13. did you notice, by any chance if chandler had pirata bambino?
    iv been pretty much obsessing over them :drool: if i can find one with the placement i want and not have to pay for shipping, id be golden :greengrin:
  14. Sister blue - Yeah, maybe someone returned one or it got carried off to another part of the store! But there were some other girls looking at them, so it may very well be gone by now :[ I haven't run into any of the ones at nordie's except for one..I don't really remember, she could've been older. I went in wearing my stellina while I was looking for a pirata bag, & she was just like, "OH! I notice you have one of those bags! It's very nice, very hip." I was like, "...yes, thank you. o___O" They just say the weirdest things, haha. But usually I avoid nordie's anyway because their toki selection is so poor compared to macy's. They had a bunch of notte bags, like 3 tuttis & that was about it when I went yesterday. >:sad: But yeah! I know they like to try to "help" you but I would rather be left alone to contemplate whether or not I should make a $160 purchase. Heheh.

    Tarpontina - No pirata bambino! In fact, no bambinos at all!! :sad: I was trying to find one to show my sister (she is new to toki & doesn't know about what size she wants) but all they had was bambinone & dolce. Fiesta macy's had no toki at all since they are in the process of moving locations & don't have their usual stock on the floor, but I might check scottsdale macy's today or tomorrow. If I see a pirata bambino I'll let you know! :smile:
  15. thanks momo:greengrin:, maybe ill try superstition though i dont even know if they have a macys (most malls seem to have them though)

    before finding this forum i didnt know there were so many places to find toki in AZ