Phoenix Saks Fifth Avenue

  1. I talked to my SA today and I guess after I had posted about my new small tote, the 5 left got snapped up in the same day :smile:

    Just wondering who got them and hope you like them!!
  2. Oh my god I know!!! I called too & they are all sold out!!! Please let me know if anyone sees any!! I can't believe they are all gone & I missed out! I was all ready to buy one & everything!
  3. Aw, sorry to hear that ladystara. :sad:

    Secondary markets such as e-bay, etc...unfortunately feed on people's greed!

    I remember a time (before the internet took off) where one could easily find the bag of their desires.

    I hope you find your dream bag ladystara.
  4. oh..I actually got my bag :smile: I was just suprised the rest of them were bought so quickly. I was just wondering if anyone on this forum got them :smile:
  5. Oh dear, sorry, I misunderstood. :blink:

    Glad to hear it though and I hope you enjoy! :smile:
  6. there was one left in Saks nyc. i called this morning. pink and black was 460
  7. :biggrin: no problem!! thanks for reading this..I was just suprised they got bought so quickly.