Phoenix AZ tpf member

  1. Whos from Phoenix or Scottsdale...... Lets get together!!
  2. :sad:woops, I think there was a meeting already that I miss :crybaby: ... mod feel free to close thread
  3. No, you didn't miss it, it just never happened so the mods closed the thread. I'd love to get one scheduled though. I'm in Yuma, but would be more than willing to make the drive up.
  4. I'm in the PV area :smile: I would love to meet up!
  5. I live in Scottsdale!! Why dont we plan to meet at Scottsdale Fashion Square? We could do lunch and shopping!!
  6. Oh Im so happy!! YEAH!!!!:yahoo: Im open to do lunch, window shopping (im broke after the crazy shopping I did on JC bags) and maybe get some starbucks......I live in Mesa but my BF works at FS Mall ...... so when do we do this????
  7. I'm only free on the weekends, unfortunately!! I"m pretty open, but all booked for labor day weekend.
  8. I totalli forgot it was labor day this weeken so yeah I think this weekend will not work for anybody.... what about the following weekend????
  9. Yeah, that would be good. The 8th or the 9th? We also need to set a time/place. I've never actually eaten at the mall (I got a drink at the steak & potato place once :p ) so maybe meet for lunch to meet and greet and then hit the stores?
  10. ^Scottsdale Fashion ;)
  11. Lets plan it for next Sat! If that works for everybody. How about 2pm at Kona?
  12. I'm free this Sat if some of us want to meet. We can do it again next Sat too!
  13. you guys HAVE to do this again this december!! im outta town for school but i live in the north phx area (pvish) but i pretty much live at fashion square hehe

    IM SO JEALOUS of you guys meeting!! someone have a goat cheese pizza for me because kona grill is my FAV happy hour spot ;) hehe
  14. :biggrin: I'm exciteD!
  15. I'm excited too...what are we gonna do it this Sat and next Sat? 2pm Kona?!?! Come on!!!