Phoenix airport last night??

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  1. I was there with my son on the way to ANC - you were carrying a black Carly with the pink horse & carriage scarf tied on. Sorry if we ruined your appetite, my son was sick all day at the airport!! lucky me... anyway - it'd be cool to know if you're on here..
  2. It sounds like one of those dating ads where someone saw "the one" the way you worded it in the beginning.. too cute! :roflmfao:
  3. LOL! wasnt me but what a cute thread:love: Hope your little one feels better.
  4. Omgg...aww this thread made me laugh
  5. lol not me either..

  6. That's what I thought of!

    What's the term for that... I'm drawing a blank :confused1:
  7. lol "your coach caught my eye"
  8. I've seen them called 'missed connections'.
  9. That's it, thank you :tup: