Oct 9, 2013
I think most people on here absolutely love her, and I wanted to love her so badly. I drove an hour to the nearest store to try her on not once, but twice. I couldn't do the strap drop, which online says 11" but there's no way. That is the ONLY reason I didn't get her though, so if you like how she sits on your shoulder you won't regret getting her.


Dec 15, 2005
I have the small Phoebe in black violet and although it is pretty to look at I hate using it and it now sits in my closet. I feel very disorganized with this bag. The two large compartments are so annoying. Even though I know what I've decided to put in each side (zipper side, non zipper side) I end up just tossing things in then later I can't find what I want. It's like a double black hole. Also if one side is more full than the other it sits crooked. It looks better in the store stuffed with tissue paper. I know this bag is not for me. It might work for you if you really like the slouchy hobo style?


Mar 9, 2011
I also think most people love it. I just sold my only phoebe. I am ok with compartments, which is the thing most people don't like about. I love the leather. But I couldn't stand the way it looked on my shoulder. It is exactly like on this model, but I wanted it to look like the stock pic on my shoulder (hope what I said makes sense).


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Jul 23, 2013
I bought one of the regular size ones as soon as they came out. Loved the leather, loved how it stayed on my shoulder. Didn't like the compartments at all, didn't like how big it was, didn't like how it had very little structure. I sold mine too. I've tried the small one on since then, but I can't deal with the compartments.


Jun 19, 2012
I really tried to love Phoebe( at first I did)....But for some of the same reasons listed above, I wasn't carrying them. I had the reg grey and plume (re-homed) both awhile ago.
Then I tried the small in blk and it just wasn't Love!!

It's so hard to say what "is" or isn't love with a bag. Everyone has different ideas on what their bag should offer.

Just keep the tags attached, walk around in your house with your items in P, then see if it is a bag you can wear.


May 30, 2012
who doesn't like phoebe and why? debating on getting one of the small ones but afraid that if I take the tags off and use her I will not like her and be stuck. tia

I had not purchased a coach in a long time but did buy small phoebe black violet. I absolutely love it!! The way it feels on the shoulder and the smell yummy. So funny I have 6 lv bags and I keep grabbing phoebe!! I really think it is such a comfortable bag and the compartments are perfect. I really cannot give you any negatives. I am very happy with this bag. I think you would love it!!:smile:


Sep 13, 2009
My first post here has to let you know how wonderful Phoebe is! I bought small Phoebe in scarlet a few weeks ago on a whim - went to Coach with hubby just to try her on (had previously tried the large and it was huge on me!). Once I had her on my shoulder, I couldn't take her off and I left the store several hundred dollars lighter! She is very comfortable to wear. The compartments were a bit confusing at first, but everything has found it's place inside. I'll be going back for black violet & black/silver.


Dec 7, 2011
I wasn't, what i call a "phoebeliever" until I gave her a chance & tried her on at the store. The regular size didn't look right on me (big & baggy), but the small size looks better (i have small cranberry). I like the slouchy look, but the small still seems to maintain its shape, plus it stands up on its own.
The main reason i resisted for so long was the compartments, which I'm honestly still trying to get used to. I've only taken her out about 3 days, & I'm playing with how best to organize her. Not a big deal though. I did carry her around the house for a few days before snipping the tags, so I'd suggest the same for you. You honestly won't know until you try it out for yourself w/ your stuff in it and maybe even different outfits, especially a coat.


Love A Good Sale!
Mar 16, 2013
I resisted Phoebe for months and was very vocal about it, but I always loved how she looked on other people. One day I was at Dillards and they had the regular Camel for 30% off, so I decided to give her a try. I fell in love! Now I have 4 - 2 regular and 2 small. I like both sizes for different reasons.

The larger size does slouch and puddle a bit more than the small, but they both hold their shape - if that makes sense.

I'm still working out the best way to load the different compartments, but I'm getting there. The feel and smell of the leather is just amazing. I'm glad I took a chance and tried Phoebe.

As others have said, don't cut the tags - load her up and carry her around the house to get a feel for her on your shoulder. You'll know if it's right or not.


Jun 19, 2013
I've had a love/hate relationship with Phoebe. Love her silhouette, hate that she has compartments. But sometimes we need to compromise and I have with Phoebe. I only have 1 so far; the regular sized in Chestnut.

At the end of the day, it's you that needs to be comfortable with her despite what we all think.

Funny, I had a dream last night that I bought 3 Phoebe's (Black Violet, Camel and Dark Plume), then I found one somebody left in a restaurant. I think it was that cranberry color.

So her or hate her, she gets into your psyche. :biggrin:


Aug 2, 2011
I am not a Phoebe fan... for me its the compartmemts and the tiny straps on her... they did not stay up on my shoulder and also the one I did have for a few days had a nasty odor..!
I love the look of her though..!


Jun 9, 2013
I didn't like Phoebe at first bec. of the compartments...I did give the small another chance this PCE and fell in love with her...:smile: The leather is so soft, the handles stay on my shoulder and I'm getting used to the compartments... Can't move out of her just yet...Now I'm planning to get another one before this PCE ends... Just trying to decide on which color...:smile: