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  1. My new obsession is a Phoebe! Spotted one yesterday and it is now all I can think they ever pop up in the outlets? The selection on ebay is not great although MM does have a lovely salmon darwin one. What is salmon like IRL? TIA
  2. its lighter than oak . starts off quite pinky then fades to a light tan !
  3. Oh dont! Im lusting after an oak one at the moment. I think they are pretty rare at the outlets now. My mum has just bought a chocolate one which looked gorgeous!
  4. Lovehandbags has a couple of them right now - Chocolate, Olive and Olive Tasselled I believe.

    The Chocolate and Olive ones are tdf!
  5. Nat - have you seen the 2 oak&choc ones on Ebay at the moment?
  6. unbelievable isn't it !!!^^^^
  7. haha - what else would you like to appear on eBay - just mention it on here and voila!

    How about an Oak Elgin (my friend wants one!) or a Midnight Mabel?
  8. hasten to add , unintentional !
  9. "HRH" MulberryMad has a gorgeous duo colour that IS a lovely bag! Ive looked at it at least 8 times!

    Is it my not paying attention but those duo colours are more rare are they not?

    I still cannot get my head round that Mulberry stopped the Annie, Phoebe & Rosie..............madness! Even the outlets dont get these classics anymore which is depressing.
  10. Dear Mulberry Fairygodmother, please send a Red Congo Bayswater (make one if you have to.) Thank you, Ellie
  11. Pmsl ^^
  12. Never mind laughing you, I want a joint prayer "Send Ellie a Red Congo Bays"!

    In fact, I think we should pool all the remaining red congo and get Mulberry Mad to dig out her sewing machine and make me one!
  13. There was an oak elgin and midnight mabel on ebay just recently (not mine!)
  14. Okay I'm chanting "Send Ellie a Red Congo Bays"! Hope my prayers help Ellie.

    Hula - I'm not in the market for anything new at the moment really, I'd just love a Midnight Mabel!