1. I know Halloween is over a month away, but Phoebe is getting into the spirit. And, I am hoping it will cool down sometime soon.
    Anyway, here is my Halloween Kitty:
  2. She's a cutie! It's not too early to look forward to Halloween. My sister already bought her pup a chicken costume lol.
  3. None of the cats will deign to wear costumes. Most of them run and hide when the trick or treaters come calling. Phoebe is the only one who remains visible and she fits right in with the Halloween decor. The kids love seeing her, too. She's the witch's cat on that day.
  4. I've seen cats get into and on a lot of places but this is a first--the top of the refrigerator!! She doesn't need a costume for Halloween--she already has hers on!
  5. I think your kitty wants a cool place too!! hehe very cute.
  6. All my cats like high up places.
    Yes, Phoebe does have her Halloween costume already on and ready to go.
    I don't have to worry about her slipping outside when answering the door for trick or treaters because this cat knows that outside is nowhere for her to be. She does venture onto the patio (it's enclosed) once in awhile just to make sure "Outside" is still there.
    The days up to and following Halloween I make sure all the cats are kept inside and the patio is extra secure because I don't want any sickos getting a hold of my precious cats and bunnies.
  7. Awww, thanks! Love seeing pics of your Phoebe!
  8. Thanks, Passerby:
    Phoebe seems to be quite popular. And, she's the only one who doesn't mind having the camera pointed at her. I should try to get a picture of her sleeping on my keyboard (she does this a lot) and submit it to LOLcats.
  9. Aww she´s cute!