Phoebe Waller-Bridge

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  1. Any PWB fans here? She was the writer and show runner for Killing Eve, as well as the creator and star of Fleabag. So talented! and this picture is everything. ❤️

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  2. Big fan here!!!!! Very funny and talented!!!!!
  3. I haven't seen Fleabag but I'm a fan of Killing Eve. I'd say she's been having a good couple of years
  4. Love her! I had no idea she wrote Killing Eve.
    Her facial expressions in Fleabag slay me! Haha!
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  5. I adore her. Fleabag was riveting. In the comedy category, but dang the heart and sadness in it!
  6. Loved Fleabag too! Watched the second season whilst travelling, and i found it quite emotional as well....
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  7. Loved her ever since I saw Fleabag. She's funny and smart!
    Hope her input on the new Bond script made it more modern. Haven't seen Killing Eve since I believe it's not even out here yet.
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  8. I hope you get Killing Eve soon, it was so good. I think it was just season 1 that she did.
  9. Her monologue was great on SNL last night. I didn’t know she wrote Killing Eve until she said last night!
  10. I loved the monologue too, and I am obsessed with her pants. Still need to watch the rest of the show.

    I think she wrote the screenplay for Killing Eve from someone else's original material.
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  15. I didn’t love the picture, but when I saw her on tv, I liked it a lot more.