Phoebe Stakes Her Claim

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  1. [​IMG]
    This was taken a while ago, but I thought it is worth sharing. After all, who does not like cute pet photographs?
    I had just come home from the fabric store and purchased some batting to use in the handles of my purses and tote bags. No sooner had I set it on the cutting table, Phoebe came to inspect it and decided it was her new bed. I did not even have the opportunity to take it out of the plastic bag. Well, after getting her off the new batting, I filled a pillowcase with some soft fiberfill and gave it to her. It was an acceptable substitute. Eventually, I will make a real pillow for her.
  2. Awww that is so cute. I like how animals just stake a claim on anything they think is theirs. My chi's likes to sit on my husbands compter chair because it is all warm and they don't want to get up, LOL.
  3. Phoebe is such a cutey!!!
  4. That is SO CUTE!!! We love our cat babies~~~!!!
  5. awww.. cutie pie.
  6. she's adorable!
    I used to have a black cat named phoebe as well
  7. Phoebe is quite the princess and knows she's adorable. She also knows when to "cute up" when caught doing something she should not.
  8. ^^That sounds like a true girl kitty!!! You can tell by the look on her face when you took that photo! They are so cute we just love to 'submit' to them!!!
  9. Awww ... she's a star!
  10. Maybe I should not have named her after a goddess, for Phoebe thinks she is one. She also has quite the attitude of entitlement about her. I wouldn't trade her for the world, though.
    She is also the black cat in my logo.
  11. Phoebe (your cat) IS a goddess!
  12. Phoebe is so cute!! Your kitty knows what she likes!
  13. Phoebe is quite the diva, isn't she? I think I've shared this before--In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as gods, and they've never forgotten that! She's one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen.
  14. Phoebe is a beautiful feline! Thanks for posting the pic :smile:
  15. All this praise is going to Phoebe's head...again! Thank you all so much for your kind compliments. She is quite the beauty and a rather outgoing kitty. Oh, and SPOILED! She and her siblings all deserve it, though. I suppose if I had trained her early on, she would be doing cat food commercials.
    I did adopt her from the Arizona Humane Society (through PetSmart). Her brothers were all adopted before her and when I came along, she was all alone in her box looking forlorn. Back then, she was a pocket kitty and would easily fit in a shirt pocket. The pose you see her in on my avatar and logo is the exact same pose she was presenting to me at PetSmart. I did not see her kinky tail then, but it really did not matter. Her vet says she is Manx (not all are tailless).