Phoebe Philo rumored to be leaving Celine

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  1. I know! She's going to Alaia! I wonder who will be the next Creative Director? Has anyone heard of possibilities?
  2. Wait wait so it's official and confirmed?

    Of the names mentioned, i'd love to see Victoria Beckham line's creative director to takeover Phoebe's job.
  3. Sorry, her leaving is being "widely reported." LVMH denying it. Sounds like it's prob true but we'll see by the end of the year. I agree with you, I would love to see the CD of Beckham's line take over. She's amazing!
  4. I'm SO sad to see her go! She is probably my favorite designer of all time because of her work at Celine. Although I do love Alaia too so if it is true that she is going there then I won't be too sad.
  5. But also I heard that Alaia denied the rumors that anyone else would be taking over his brand I think the last time the rumors of Phoebe leaving Celine came up.
  6. I hope she's not leaving. I haven't loved a brand this much ever! But if she does leave, yes I'd like to see creative director from Victoria Beckham brand in the new position.
  7. There was the same rumor a few years ago and she is still with the brand. Let's hope it's just a rumor again.
  8. Christopher Bailey has left Burberry and now people are thinking that Phoebe might be leaving Celine for the role at Burberry.
  9. Any links? Articles? No offense to anyone (by that, I mean Burberry fans), but Burberry is in serious need of re-vamping and any creative director looking for a challenge would love such an opportunity to turn a brand around. If Phoebe is looking for a challenge, then this is a good one for her. Tho, I heard from the fashion-addicted SAs in my local Saks that it could be that Phoebe just wants to focus on her family more than work.
  10. I have friends who work in fashion. It's been an open secret within the industry that:

    Bailey leaves Burberry

    Phoebe Philo --> Burberry

    Simon Jacquemus (from Jacquemus) --> Céline​
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  11. I'll be sad to see her leave Celine, because I'm in love with what she's done. Everything she touches is magic, though, so it will be exciting to see what the next step for her is!
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  12. This will be very exciting for Burberry then!!!
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  13. WOAH I'm a huge Jacquemus fan! If he goes to Celine that'll be insane!!
  14. I just saw posts on Instagram about people talking about it. IMG_1509491135.463059.jpg IMG_1509491143.763798.jpg