Phoebe or Somerset tote?

  1. Hi I love the look at both these bags but haven't been able to pick up the Somerset.(Only gaze lovingly from behind the glass)
    The leather doesn't look like darwin ( I already have an Annie), so I'm wondering whether it's going to be lighter than the Phoebe and whether the leather is durable over time, or if rain resistant?
    As a shoulder bag the lighter the better really, as I do suffer, all in the name of vanity!!
    Anyone got any thoughts or own either or both??
  2. I like the Somerset Tote, quite seriously considering one (although I seem to be quite seriously considering most Mulberry bags at the moment as they are so gorgeous), it is apparently Tumble Grain not Darwin, don't know if that means it is lighter to carry. I saw one in the Mulberry store last week but it was on a high up shelf, I didn't think to ask them to get it down, I just gazed from a distance but it is a lovely bag.
  3. The leather is definatley tumble grain, and it seemed much lighter than the darwin. I tried one on in the Terminal 4 shop last week. They only had it in 'Khaki' (which actually was more of a mid brown:confused1:), and I found it sat really comfortably under the arm. It felt lovely and squidgy, and sort of slouched into postion, if that makes sense? I have no experience of how it wears though, but I imagine it would get more sqashy with use?

    Really liked the Somerset, and would love to get hold of one in oak :heart: