Phoebe or Emmy........

  1. I want a new bag for xmas.
    Just as I thought I'd made up my mind on the Emmy, I keep seeing the Phoebe and I just can't decide.
    I want one in oak, not sure if the size is the same for both bags? I have a choc and oak Annie and hardly carry much as I don't want too heavy a load?? Any ideas??
    Oh it's hard being a Gal...
  2. Well, Phoebe is quite similar to Annie so if you already have two then perhaps an Emmy? I really love Phoebe but know the two straps just won't work for me so I went for Alana (one strap heaven!). Emmy is lovely and a totally different look and shape to Annie. Both are great bags. Good luck choosing!
  3. Emmy! I've got one in oak and I love it :tup:

    As sj said, the Phoebe and Annie are similar shapes (see my post about which of those to get!!) so if you got the Emmy, you'd have 2 different shaped bags.

    It's worth trying the Emmy on in person, though. Some people don't get on with the boxy shape. It is heavy although I can't comment on the weight relative to the Phoebe or Annie.
  4. I love the Emmy but unfortuantely it doesn't sit right on me.

    In respect of the phoebe - I love this but it is quite heavy. My best advice would be to try them both on and se which you like the best Good Luck:smile: