Phoebe on my wishlist :p

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  1. Hi ladies :smile:

    I have spotted a lovely Oak Phoebe while doing some shopping in Bath last week-end and now I find myself longing for one...
    *Thinking about all the Phoebes I saw in Bicester last summer and I didn't even check them :Push:*

    It seemed like an easy casual day bag that fits nicely over the shoulder and also just big enough for essentials.
    I'm getting a bit bored of Rosemary atm so I'm looking for a replacement size wise.
    Do you think Phoebe would be a good choice?
  2. Hi!

    I LOVE my oak Phoebe so much that I just bought one in chocolate! :nuts:

    The bag is a great size, not too big, not too small, sits very nicely on your shoulder, and it looks fabulous! I haven't been using my oak Rosy simply because I love my Phoebe too much. I would say it would make an excellent replacement.
  3. Love my oak phoebe too!!! Very easy and comfy to use. Highly recommended!
  4. I dont think you could ever regret buying a phoebe! It really is a gorgeous and practical bag, size wise. The only problem is the weight, but heck you get used to carrying darwin bags after a while loL!
  5. Phoebe is why I'm called pheebs! I only ever have good things to say about this bag, great size, stylish but understated, comfy on the shoulder or in the hand. Phoebe is a classic :cloud9:
  6. I have a choclate Phoebe and haven't used it for over a year :sad: It is just too stiff and small for me but it is a gorgeous bag with jeans and casual.I do carry too much stuff tbh ! The front pocket is very handy too. I ought to get her back out actually but Mabel is getting outings at the mo lol
  7. I think Phoebe is really gorgeuos! It's one of those bag I wish I bought when it was still sold, especially in a fun color... apple green, perhaps? Oh well, maybe I'll come across one some day.. :smile:
  8. Oh yes I like Phoebes too :biggrin: Palachan, what colour are you thinking of Oak or another colour? I love the Olive colour.

    Sorry to hijack but having only seen Phoebes in pictures, how are they on the shoulder? I have a Smithfield and Bays and they are great on the arm and shoulder, is Phoebe similar?
  9. You can get it here

  10. Thanks for all your replies ladies :smile:

    I'm definitely going to try one and see if it works for me, as I said I haven't check them in the outlet so I have no idea if it's the bag for me.
    But I really love the look of it!

    Stefy, I'd certainly go for Oak, I find it so easy to use.
  11. I'm another one that will recommend the Phoebe. Its the first Mulberry I really wanted and was the 2nd one I purchased early last year. It hasn't got the use it deserves though to be honest because, unlike the Roxy and Bays, I want Phoebe to stay looking light and new'ish', I don't really want her to get marked and darker!

    I will use her again when the weather gets nicer though - I promise!

    I really love the Phoebe, the design is lovely and it is a practical bag, big enough but not too big and comfortable to wear on the shoulder too.
  12. Oak is a great colour, love it :biggrin: Good luck on your hunt and let us know the outcome :biggrin: