phoebe (madison--small)

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  1. hello all

    can anyone tell me how their phoebes are holding up after a year or so of gentle use??

    they look beautiful when new...but some of the used ones on the bay now seem kinda sad. maybe just poor care?

    which of the newer coach styles..( say-- 2012-3) do you think survive best? when given daily use....

    thanks for your thoughts/suggestions!!
  2. I have a Needlepoint Phoebe and Canary Phoebe. They are in pristine condition but I'm gentle on my bags and I rotate between all my bags regularly.
  3. I just noticed you said small. I don't have small so I don't know if my response helps any.
  4. I have both large and small, and I use them regularly (above and beyond gently anyway). They are all in great shape. They do slouch more when empty after more use, but once they have my stuff in them, they look like they always do--great! It may be a case of not setting up the shot well in the eBay photos? Or it could be that these are people who don't take car of their bags. It can be difficult to tell as I've seen some bags on the bay that look like they've been run over by a car more than once! (Not necessarily Phoebes). I always wonder what the heck those people have put the poor things through!! :biggrin:
  5. I have six large phoebes and one small (I am obsessed). They have all held up pretty well and have beautiful slouches. I wore my black one the most and I have noticed wear on the handles - the coating on the top of handle is starting to peel and there is also peeling on one handle where it attaches to the hardware. Though, I must stress I used that baby non-stop for the first 6 months I had her. I am actually selling her now and have bought a new black one instead.
  6. I should also say that even though my beloved large black phoebe is showing signs of her age - she was worth every penny!
  7. Many of us here on TPF don't carry any one bag for more than a day or two, or maybe a week, at a time. That said, I've had several Phoebes that I've carried up to a week or two at a time and they were still pristine. Then again, when I'm not carrying a bag, it's stuffed and in its dustbag. If they're piled on a shelf or flattened, they can look wrinkly and sad.

    Remember that many of the ones on eBay - especially from those sellers who are professional sellers and have like 10k feedback - are not someone's personal possession, and could be department store displays, etc. You're usually better off buying from someone on eBay who is selling their own personal bag, not some "dealer of random things". Just my opinion of course!
  8. Canderson22-What do you use to stuff your bags?

  9. The same paper Coach uses. It's just gray paper crumpled up.
  10. I have a few Phoebes, and like Canderson22 said I rotate through my bags although I'll carry the same one for a week or two at a time (switching out on weekends). The only signs of wear are that the leather is becoming more relaxed and the slouch more natural and "slouchy" - in other words, normal leather breaking-in. No color loss, hardware issues, or so forth. When not in use, I stuff them with tissue paper and store them in their dustbags.
  11. well I guess I'm in the minority here :smile: I lived in my black phoebe - and she shows normal wear as a result. Nonetheless, I am sure if you make sure to take care of your bag as the other ladies have indicated she will stand the test of time. Enjoy!
  12. My phoebe has wear in the handle where is cross them ver each other to keep them on my shoulder. The
    Paint is wearing off