Phoebe and Blake - pics

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  1. I just wanted to share pics of newest additions to my collection.
    The first bag is a Mulberry Phoebe in chocolate. The second bag is a Marc Jacobs Blake in denim.


  2. Nice Kat! Love the Phoebe was it the one on sale from LVR? I just got mine and really like it!
  3. LOVE them both! The Blake is fabulous in that color! Great choices!
  4. Congrats, Kat! The Blake is a fabulous color :love:
  5. How fab! I'm loving the Blake. Congrats!
  6. I love the color of your blake!
  7. Great bags!!! I am seriously in love with your blake! Its gorgeous!
  8. Thanks you guys. I really love the color of the Blake too!
    Greenie, I did get this Phoebe from LVR at the discounted price. I LOVE a bargain! I'm glad you like yours too! Enjoy it!
  9. Yeah! what a deal! I'm loving that choco on you. Looks really good! and that blake is so cute! nice summer bag!
  10. LOVE the Phoebe!
  11. Great bags. Congrats, Kat! =)
  12. Thanks, SwankyMamaof3. I'm sorry you missed out. I hope a Phoebe comes your way real soon.:P
  13. your phoebe is gorgeous! Don't worry swankymama, we will find ours too someday.
  14. I love the blake, thats a gorgeous color..
  15. Love the Blake - the color looks good on you!