Phobia of feet

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  1. Does anyone hate feet? Do feet freak you out?

    I don't even like my own... :confused1:
  2. no i don't hate feet and i like my own, they are very pretty lol
  3. I don't hate my feet.

    (I don't understand foot fetishes myself, but you know what they say . . . "To each their own.")
  4. ANNIE! I love learning more about you!
    We're more alike in same ways than we'll ever know!:lol:

    I LOATHE feet!!! Dh actually has nice feet and I cannot stand them!:shocked:
    My kids are the exception, I think they're the sweetest little piggies ever, I can hold them and kiss them:love: but everyone's elese completely repulse me!:sick:
    I think it makes DH sad, I can't even rub his feet when he's wearing socks and they're under a sheet! LOL!

    I am torn about Pedi's, I like them and hate them.
  5. LOL At least you like your kids' feet... I hope I will like my kids' feet, too... or else I will have to hire someone to put socks on them.
  6. Well, it's more the toes on the feet that I don't like :lol: I even don't like my own toes. But since they do happen to come with the feet, I guess you can say that I have a phobia of feet :p
  7. I have a friend who hates feet, so we'd all randomly put our feet on her. lol and she would freak out. This was years ago. Good times. hehehe
  8. She could be me! My friends do this to me, too... cruel animals.
  9. too cute, annie. not particularly fond of feet myself.:nogood:
    word of advice...don't take karate if you hate feet.....i just started and you have to stand on, hold, be kicked in the face ( nearly) with other peeps bare naked feet.....completely grosses me out:yucky:....karate is a foot fetishist fantasy land...:lol:
  10. ^^DH does it to me too!:sick:
    But he's a big, thick guy and he'll throw one tree trunk leg over me to hold me down and his big 'ol size 13 foot is coming slowly at my face. . . ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. :roflmfao: I hate ugly feet. I feel most people should not wear open toe shoes in the summer time because they don't take care of them. It grosses me out when I got to get pedicures and I look at the people next to me and it makes me want to puke. When I see evolution toes and hammertime happening, I can't look. Then there are the women that have their heels hanging off the back off shoes or their toes hanging on for dear life off the front like vultures on a tree.

    On the other hand, I get compliments on my feet all the time. I know I have nice feet. :cutesy:
  12. I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one :yes:

    I don't like my feet, or anyone else's, but a baby's foot is too cute! Go figure...:s

  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao:thanks for the laugh hubba! i completely agree btw! too funny....
  14. Oh no, I wonder if you are talking about me... :shame: Just kidding. I try to at least keep them sandel-ready, but I admit they are probably not up to par since I don't even like touching my own toes and like hell I would let another person do it...
  15. Funny stuff....I love my feet!! lol I get pedicures every 2 weeks, so they always look good. My Dh has some scary feet...they scariest I have ever seen actually. Size 13 and his toes are so long they look like fingers!! LOL I was terrified to see my MILs feet for the first time..thinking DH's feet came from her?? No..hers are normal..I guess he got it from his dad. Really yucky.