Food Pho?


May 22, 2006
hehe. Unfortunately I live in Miami where the Viet population is less than 1%. I know there are more Viets in Central and Northern Florida though.

I was actually trying to make a t shirt for my hubby that said "What the Pho?". I Googled the word Pho and looked up Google images and saw this translation as a jpeg. Then I just Googled imaged "soup bowl" and wallah! :roflmfao:

The website I created is really easy to navigate. You just insert an image from your PC and it creates the t-shirt. I can't wait to where it home to my parents and walk in the door and say, "Got Pho?"
Miami is NICE! I grew up in Tampa. The Asian population is ok---but not as much as Cali! I love Miami though. :wlae:


May 16, 2007
That's so funny so many people like it... ya'll have to try the pho at *Quan Hop* if you're in the OC... their beef is from filet meat and so tender. It's clean too =)
Aug 29, 2006
So with all this talk of Pho I decided to make a t shirt for myself! Translated it asks, "Got Pho?" like the "Got Milk?" ads. hehe.

I made it at and it only cost me $22. :tup:

I LOVE this Lordguinny!! These would totally sell.

I once saw a T-shirt that said, "Pho 69, the best place to eat downtown".

My BF is non-Vietnamese, but he looooves Pho too. He requests to go eat it every week. I'll have to learn how to make it one day, from my mom.


Workin' on my tan!
Jul 25, 2006
I like Pho you get to be a chemist and mix all the good vegetables, mint, basil, and all those other good hot sauces with it.
I love asking for fish sauce and drench my noodles with it.
I love the rare beef pho.
This thread is making me quite hungry.