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  1. Do you guys eat pho? I love that stuff, and apparently it's a fantastic hangover cure (though last time, I went from hung over to queasy from being way too full).

    Also - best pho restaurant names? I've heard Pho Q and Pho King. I think if I were to open one, it'd be Pho Get it.
  2. I'm vietnamese and I actually can't stand pho. I think it's from growing up and smelling my parents a mile away every time they would come home from a pho restaurant. That stuff just penetrates your clothes and hair to the core. Since I couldn't stand the smell, I couldn't stand the actual dish!
  3. I. LOVE. PHO!!!!!

    Seriously, I'm addicted to this soup...I need to eat it at least once a week. Or I try to! I started eating it when I was at university in DC. There were several Vietnamese restaurants around. But it would suck during summer vacation when I went home, because there were no Viet restaurants near my house. Fortunately, some have opened up in the Northern NJ area so I can get my fix when i want :P!

    I love adding lots of hot sauce and chili peppers in mine. The hotter the better! Of course, it has to have a lot of sliced onion , coriander, and big lime wedge.

    Man, I am hungry!!

    I saw a picture of a pho restaurant called "Mo Pho"...I'm not sure if it was real or not.
  4. i LOVE pho as well. i put bean sprouts, cilantro, basil, siracha hot sauce and hoisin sauce in mine. yum, a bowl of that sounds good right about now!
  5. I am Vietnamese!!!

    Pho is great but I don't eat it too often..maybe once in a full moon although Pho is available at almost every corner to where I live!

    The soup is great but its sorta heavy & fattening since it consists of some fatty meats, broth & noodle ( carbs!!)

  6. hahaha...nice one! there's a Pho rest. somewhere in Huntington Beach,CA called "WHAT THE PHO?!"
  7. I want some RIGHT NOW! I'm in such a foody mood today, don't know why...
  8. nerdphanie ...what's the best pho place in the peninsula? I notice you're from palo alto and I just havent found a great place yet
  9. I love Pho, too! But I also love Bun (?), the vermicelli ones! I crave for those once a week, too. I think they are refreshening dishes when you had burgers and fries too much!!! Yeah, I would love to know the best around in OC! I have only been to Pho 99.
  10. Never heard of it!
  11. Oh man, I love Pho!! I like to order it with the meat on the side and put the meat in myself. MmmM i also like it with vinegar onions and lots of bean sprouts!
  12. i LOVE pho! my roommate in college turned me on to it. when i was at school there was a great place called pho pasteur.
  13. There's this fantastic place in Cupertino called little saigon or something like that. It's across the street from the cupertino village. The noodles are wonderful :tup:.
  14. There's a restaurant near me called Mekong that has yummy Vietnamese food. I haven't tried their pho. My father's parents lived in Saigon and Singapore for years during the war (grandfather worked for CIA naval intelligence) so my grandmother always used to cook Vietnamese food when we would go visit her, after they got back to the States. As a child I did not care for it much! The one thing I remember liking was a sort of sticky rice ball with a very strong fishy flavor/smell to it, served with ?soy? sauce. What is it?
  15. I like it. I don't readily crave it or anything but one of my best guy friends was Vietnamese and loved to take me to various places to sample some. I put cilantro, bean sprouts and this brown sauce in mine that was really yummy.
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