Philosophy's Hope in a Jar -- help!

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  1. I recently ordered Philosophy's Hope in a Jar from Sephora online and was wondering.....
    Is it supposed to smell that bad?! I have applied it on my face 2-3 times and everytime, I have gagged from the smell. :throwup: :throwup:

    I have used other moisturizers in the past that have scents and no scents, but this is really bad. I called Sephora for a return and they will gladly honor it. But I'm wondering if what I got was a bad jar? I looked for a expiry date and DIN, but there was none on the jar.

    Can someone out there please describe what this moisturizer should smell like? Mine smells like industrial cleaner. The smell get worse when you put it on. I'm not sure if I want to get another jar of it. Can anyone also suggest a good moisturizer? ;)

    Thanx, Jazzie
  2. Yes, that is the smell. If you're used to moisturizers with fragrance added, this one takes some time to getting used to. It made my face break out so I stopped using it.
  3. Yeah, it smells kinda weird :yes: I used it this summer, the smell didn't bother me too much however like jello_1955 said, it made my skin break out like crazy so I had to stop using it.
  4. Yeah... it does smell funny. I don't understand why it's so popular... It doesn't seem extraordinary to me.
  5. I took mine back to Sephora as I didn't care for the smell either....glad to know I am not the only one. Also it made my face break out and made it a bit more oily too...
  6. Same here. I couldn't stand the smell of it so I had to return it.
  7. I was just about to start a thread on this! lol I absolutely love the way it makes my skin look!! glowing and smooth! but that smell is gross!! It's worth it for me to have my skin looking this great, because it has never looked better! But yes, if the smell is making you gag it may not be worth it.
  8. how about philosophy's h2o2? any of you ladies tried it?
  9. Hope in a Bottle for congested skin--

    I ADORE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I am so glad to hear that I'm not the only one that thinks it has a smell. I think it has a plastic smell to it.

    I am now using the When Hope Is Not Enough SPF 20 (also by Philosophy) and it has a pink tone to it. No bad smell. I really like it.

    I have to also say that any of the H2O products are also very good. Nice smells too.
  11. OMG unless I'm applying excrement on my face I shouldn't be gagging

  12. Good to know that the other products have no smell! I'll have to give them a try.
  13. It smelled funny to me and also made me break out. But I have to say, before I started breaking out, it made my skin feel so good. I now use the philosophy on a clear day line. No problems since.
  14. it does have a weird smell, and i for the most part, that's why i stopped using it... it didn't do anything for me, but i only tried it for a few days when i first bought it.

    so now, since i felt like it was a waste to just toss it out, i started using it again... it's getting colder, and my skin's is super dry this time of the year, but i've found that this product helped a lot more than i thought it would. my skin feels softer and smoother when i wake up every morning (i only use this at night)... and i've used it consistently for a little over a week. so, if you can get past the smell, its not so bad after all.