*** Philosophy ***

  1. Is anyone here uses PHILOSOPHY? I am in love with their microdelivery peel kit and their hope in a jar moisturizer. See, I have oily skin and so far I find it hard to find a moisturizer that is lightweight. Seems that a lot of the moisturizers I've tried are not sticking nicely in my skin, it's either too heavy/thick, sticky, etc.

    Not with hope in a jar. It's very lightweight and feels like water based, and it dries instantly and not heavy at all.

    And their microdelivery vitamin c peel kit is just terrific! My skin is so soft like a baby's butt after using the peeling kit. I use it once a week.

    And so now, I am wondering if there are any other PHILOSOPHY lovers out here too?
  2. I use the Purity cleanser everyday. I really love how my skin feels after using it.

    I also use When Hope Is Not Enough SPF 20 moisturizer. I like this better than Hope In A Jar. I think because of the SPF.

    I have the mini peel pads. I use those a couple of times each week.
  3. i lurve philosophy... i :heart: their shampoos and body washes.. especially strawberry milkshake
  4. i use their makeup primer... hmm what is it called ? clear makeup i think
    i :heart: it
  5. Philosophy is awesome! I use Purity Made Simple cleanser, Hope In a Jar moisturizer, the Microdelivery Peel, Amazing Grace perfume as well as Amazing Grace Shampoo and Conditioner and Hot Salt Scrub and the Firming Emulsion Lotion. After using all of those Amazing Grace products I pretty much smell better than anyone on the planet!

    Oh and I love the EmpowerMint Salt Scrub. Makes ya tingle all over!
  6. yay, I love to see other philosophy enthusiasts. I just cant get over how light their hope in a jar moisturizer is. It really is great for my oily skin. I have been looking and trying almost every moisturizer but so far none of them suits me, until hope in a jar..

    i might try their body products later on.. those amazing grace things sound divine LoriB!