Philosophy The Supernatural Foundation.. Any thoughts??

  1. On my impulse buying spree at the Nordstrom cosmetic department i swooped up an unfamiliar product (yea i know! i shouldnt have!) and that would be Philosophy's The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas Foundation (phew! that was long!). i was wondering if any of you have tried it and howd it work out??

    Thanks in Advance ladies!:heart:
  2. i LOOOOOOVE this. it's my very favorite mineral foundation....not too matte, not too sparkley but still enough coverage and it didn't make me break out (although you have to make sure you wash the spong-y thing once a week or more). i used it for a year until they discontinued the lightest shade. the now lightest shade is too dark/yellow for me. if you found a color match though, i highly reccommend keeping it.
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently debating on which foundation to purchase next. Right now i'm debating between MUFE face and body, MUFE Mat Velvet, or philosophy supernatural airbrushed canvas. I have not heard much about the latter.. anyone here try it or heard anything? I tested all three at sephora and can't decide!! the philosophy looks great i think, but i don't know how lasting the coverage is, and plus i've always used liquid.

    My skin is not sensitive, oily on nose with some dry spots elsewhere, and generally very good. I've got some redness on my cheeks that i don't really mind too much (saves me from buying blush lol) and a little above eyebrows that i'd like to neutralize. I hardly break out, but sometimes i get a random red bump that's like a zit-wannabe hehe. i don't really "touch up" during the day at all--once i'm out the house, that's it :p ...i'm a low maintenance girl :smile:

    any thoughts?