Philosophy Starter Kits

  1. Hi All. I purchased a philosophy 'makeup optional' kit from Sephora for $78. While browsing Nordstrom's Website I saw the philosophy 'makeup optional' deluxe kit for $90 with the full size microdelivery peel.

    I already started using the kit I purchased from Sephora and I love the product but hate that an extra $65 product could have been in the deluxe kit for only an extra $12. Oh, and I love that microdelivery peel after having tried out one of the sample packs in the Sephora kit. That stuff rocks!

    I hate returning things, but I know Sephora will let you return things, used or not. The question is shoudl I return the kit to Sephora so I can go to Nordstrom and get the better deal on the deluxe kit there?

  2. Yes! It won't hurt to try and do that. :smile:
  3. If it is the full size $65 product for an extra $12, and it is something that works good for your skin, I would say go for it!

    I am always drawn into deals like that and consequently end up with more products than I can use (sometimes I don't even get to use them all up before having to throw them out), but that's just me :p. If you know the full size product won't end up just sitting in your bathroom (as I assume it will not since you have tried it and liked it), I think it will be a great bargain.
  4. Go for it! :yes: