Philosophy Skincare Products

  1. I was in Bloomingdale's today looking for something for my skin in the way of a face wash, eye cream, and moisterizer. The SA at Philosophy had me try several products and I ended up purchasing the Makeup Optional for Conjested Skin set.


    I was wondering if anyone here has used it/opinions/etc. I really liked how the products smelled and the after results (my skin still feels very soft). She also tried this hydrating product before hand, which I really liked.. but I found the kit to be more functional.

    What Philosophy products have you used or do you stay away from? I'm excited to try the free shampoo samples that were included as well!
  2. The Philosophy products are pretty good, the only thing I don't like is the Hope in a Jar, it makes my skin oily. The Makeup Optional kit is really awesome! Good choice.
  3. Same here plus I couldn't stand the smell of it.
  4. i haven't bought the face products but the bath products are delicious! the ones that you can use as shampoo & body wash. my favorite flavor right now is Waffle Cone. Like I told my husband, for some reaosn, that scent "makes me happy."
  5. I love philosophy. I'm a true philosophy gal. My skin is so dry, this is actually the first product I have ever found that actually gives my skin real moisture. Someone said that Hope in a Jar smells a bit like wet dog, I never quite thought of it like that before, but I guess it does, but as soon as it absorbs into the skin it dissapates.

    When I first started using make-up optional products my skin broke out (I'm 51 so it's been decades since I had acne), but when I questioned it it's because my pores were blocked from other products and they're being cleaned out. Now, I have no problems and my skin looks fabulous.
  6. Ive been using the present/[clear makeup]works great.Does what it says, airbrushed looking skin:heart:
  7. I use that too. It's great for me as I have very dry skin, and if I put it on over a moisturizer, it really seals in that moisture for me.
    Have you noticed though, that if you use a taaadd too break out a bit?
  8. MissPoufy- I think the breaking out may be happening to me as well.. although it could also be due to stress. Anyway, my skin feels really soft (which it has not in awhile) so I am happy so far.

    Thanks for all of your helpful comments!
  9. For you philosphy gals, I buy a lot of my products from It's always free shipping, no tax, and they give a 10% discount with the coupon of the month. This month's code is ClubFeb10L, in case anyone is interested.

    Also, you can go to and get the entire Makeup Optional skin line for $29.95 for 30 days (it works out to three payments of $29.95, or one payment of $89.95), but they give you a thirty-day supply of the microdelivery peel pads free, not a bad deal, you save $25.00.

    :yahoo: Free is my favorite is my second favorite!
  10. I do the thing too! The nice thing about that site is you can adjust the time between shipments (I called and they extended mine to 180 days between shipments...I had too many products and needed to use them before getting more!) and they also include a free item with each shipment (so far I've received free Vitamin C, Pure Grace 1oz., and Cinnamon Buns 6oz.). ON TOP OF ALL THAT...I ordered the "Hope in a Jar" for sensitive skin and they sent it in addition to the regular kit, not instead of!! I love being able to use both! PM me if you want/need more info!!
  11. I wasn't crazy about them - Hope in a Jar stinks.
  12. I bought that exact kit last spring and it didn't work well for me. The eye creme isn't bad, but the rest of the kit just made me break out like crazy. I thought it was just my skin acting up, but once I stopped using it and went back to Clinique my skin clearned right up.

    It seems either people love or hate Philosophy. I really wanted to like it but just wasn't for me. Good luck, I hope it works out for you. :smile:
  13. I couldn't live without Philosophy's Purity. It is the best cleanser for me that I have ever found. I recently bought Hope in a Jar and I have to agree about the smell. But it does go away once it absorbs into the skin. I can only use it once a day otherwise my skin gets too oily from it. One product that I do not recommend is Handmade hand cream. It is just not a very good product. I bought a jar of it last week to try and I'm not impressed at all. L'occitane makes a better hand cream. But that Purity facial cleanser is the best Philosophy product in my opinion. I buy huge bottles of it on QVC and even the men in my family use it, too! They do make a good foot cream called Soul Owner. Great for getting your feet ready for summer. I really like their new fragrance called "Philosophy". I find it can be hit or miss with their products. The shower gels are nice, also.
  14. yes...hope in a jar stinks...had to get rid of it...the bf was complaining...i swear by the microderm though!!!
  15. I don't use the skin products but I do use the supernatural powder and I love skins look perfect without the look of make up.