Philosophy QVC TSV

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  1. 32 oz. shower gel, 32 oz. lotion, and 8 oz. body spritz for $59.88 (plus there's easy pay)

    The fragrances are Pure Grace, Amazing Grace and Falling in Love.
  2. How does this differ from the fragrance AD from before, do you know?
  3. I'm sorry I missed this! Pure Grace is my fav!
  4. You pay about $10 more and get the spritz which is usually $25.

    I highly recommend the spritz. I actually think it's better than the spray fragrance.

    This TSV is good until 7/18 11:59 ET
  5. Thanks for posting this! QVC prices on their TSV deals for Philosophy are great. I love Amazing Grace, and also get one of their auto-deliveries with body wash, perfume, spritz, etc. The locked in price is basically a little more than the cost of the perfume alone!
  6. I'm so excited! I got the Amazing Grace set. I just happened to be flipping through the channels last night and saw they had philosophy products on! Such a good deal for the large sizes!!!
  7. i've been getting the $50 set from nordies anniversary sale. but it's already sold out, so i can't get more to stock up. maybe this is worth it, as it'll be auto-delivery and that way i will be locked in.

    can you cancel the auto delivery if you don't need it every 4 months? or lengthen the time frame between shipment?
  8. You can cancel autodelivery at any time, I think that 6 months might be the longest you can change autodelivery to and I've been able to call and cancel an individual autodelivery and then receive the next one.
  9. I have the older auto-delivery with these and just cancelled a shipment. So, I can really get it every year if i wanted to. I think you can't skip two shipments consecutively or they'll cancel.

    You can lengthen it every 6 months. Also, you can change to a different fragrance too.

    Sorry this is rambling...
  10. I got the amazing grace set for my mom for xmas...YES i know I'm banned but xmas gifts don't count :P