Philosophy or Dermalogica skin care??

  1. I currently use dermalogica skin care and I love it but I have been thinking about trying philosophy, anyone use either or have used both?
  2. Just curious, if you love Dermalogica, what is it not doing for you that is causing you to consider other skin care lines?
  3. I just recently found that i LOVE the philosophy amazing grace line, I love the body wash, lotion, perfume spray, and i use the microderm pads on my face and I love everything from them so I was considering trying out their skin care line. I love the dermalogica too..
  4. Oh, ok! I'm asking because I want to try Dermalogica soon and looking out for any other lines that I might like better ;)
  5. if you are thinking about trying dermalogica try it.... Its the best stuff I have EVER used on my face. I love it so much.. I just like to change things up sometimes but im never happy with my changes, lol

    I have combo skin and I use the dermal clay cleanser and the active moist moisturizer and they are both wonderful.
  6. I use philosophy pure face wash , the hope in a jar and the eye cream in between my la mer regimend, I love philosophy. You can get a starter kit at sephora. And if you dont like it, return it. :smile:
  7. I have used dermalogica in the past but recently tried philosophy and like it. I've just placed my second order with and am patiently awaiting delivery (I'm in the UK).
  8. I really like the philosopy purity cleanser. It is THE only cleanser that I have purchased numerous times.
  9. I prefer Dermalogica. I used philosophy's cleanser for a while, and felt that after a bottle and a half, it stopped feeling like my skin was being cleaned. Dermalogica always feels good and their products work really well.
  10. I've used Dermalogica before and liked it. I think it did a good job and used it when I was breaking out. It was somewhat drying though. I have only ever used Philosophy's bath and lip products, so I can't comment on their actual skin care.
  11. I have used both, and though Philosophy's Purity cleanser did an awesome job at cleaning off my makeup (no separate makeup remover or toner required), I found Dermalogica to be better (eventhough it did not clean makeup as well as Philosophy). Demalogica kept my skin clear and healthy looking, whereas Philosophy seemed to be more of the one step cleanser for someone who does not want to fuss with multiple step cleaning.