Philosophy on QVC

  1. It's on right now and seems like they have pretty good deals. So you philosophy lvoers should check it out!
  2. oh my gosh thanks for posting! im actually looking into trying the philosophy line. im on my way to QVC now!!
  3. remember you can returnanything up to Jan 31
  4. thats a great return policy !!! thanks!
  5. Yeah, I got the 4 pack of flavored lip glosses last year - such a great deal!
  6. I bought the 4-pc Falling in Love today's special value! :heart:
  7. Thanks! I am not a huge QVC fan, but I was flipping through channels and caught a bit of the Philosophy program today.

    I really wanted the Falling In Love set, but it was sold out by the time I saw it :sad:
  8. I love :shame:

    My family teases me that I'm like 40 years too young to be ordering from them, but they have really good deals on Philosophy, Bare Escentuals, Tarte, Proactiv and so many other good brands! Plus their return policy rocks!! :yes:
  9. its on again right now... 10-12am est.