Philosophy Miracle Worker?

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  1. Have you tried it? I have used it for two days, and even though it says some people see some results in a week, I could tell a difference this quick!! And I have NEVER been able to say that about a product!!!
    I am 49 and have neglected using any kind of anti-aging products until recently. I had a spot lasered on my face and was told I needed to start using sunscreen, moisturizers, ect., so I gave this a try. I am amazed!!
  2. I just bought this last week. It seems o.k.I am also 49. I just wear it at night because it seems a little tacky to the touch, not sure how it would do under makeup. I hope it works miracles,lol! Although costly, it seems like it will last a long time. I use a lot of Philosophy products. I am happy with all. I am really impressed with the Clarisonic machine that I bought in October. I think it has made a big difference in my skin.
  3. I use the pad at night and then put my night time moisturizer over it. I dont use it in the a.m.. I have started using DDF sunscreen and moisturizer in the morning. I do love Philosophy products too...
  4. I been using it for a couple weeks - results are DRASTIC. My skin got more even toned and is glowing like it never has before. I'm completely totally hooked.
  5. OK - you just talked me into it. I'm almost out of Hope in a Jar and was thinking about getting this as a replacement. Ordering today!
  6. I've been considering the pads and the cream as a night cream. Still undecided.
    Has anyone tried the Miracle Worker Retinoid Pads?

  7. I should have specified in my post above that I use the pads.

    I have been using the pads just like instructed for a couple weeks. My skin has been very smooth and glowing and very even toned. I use a lot of products on my face and anti-aging, but nothing gave this type of result and so fast.

    I get botox on the regular basis for my fine lines/wrinkles, so I'm not sure how it would improve those since I don't have any. But the overall quality of the skin has improved drastically, here is the picture taken two days ago for my FB profile, it's crappy quality but you can still see how even/glowing my skin is and I have no concealer and only have tinted moisteurizer on:
  8. ^^Your pic isn't working. But anyway, thanks for your post! I am going to try the pads first, if I can find them. is sold out, my ulta didn't have them. Where did you get them?