Philosophy Acne Kit - so far so good

  1. My poor teenage daughter is really struggling with her acne, so I decided to buy the Philosophy acne kit this weekend. From Sephora, so I can take it back. But so far, it's doing the trick. She's working her way into it slowly, but nothing new has errupted, so she's happy. That's means, I'm happy!

    Anyone else use this??
  2. I haven't, but have heard many good things about Philosophy products. Hope some of the ladies here can share their experience!
  3. I havent heard about Philosophy. Please keep us updated on it though. I would love to purchase some if it continues to work!
  4. Philosophy products have transformed the texture of my face. My Drem carries the entire line in her office and she was the first to give it to me but you can get it at Sephora. It isn't horibly expensive either. QVC sometimes has really good deals. The makeup optional set is a good way to start. I bought the acne kit for my little cousin and it has done really well for her. The smell of the hope in a jar isn't great but the results are worth the smell. :tup:
  5. I know exactly what she is going through.. I get this really awful zits... please do keep us updated because I am very interested in purchasing it! tia!
  6. I sometimes get zits, so I'd definitely be interested if this works well. I already use Hope in a Jar, and I love it!
  7. Interesting. I get breakouts on my forehead (ugh-at 26, how pathetic is that?), so I'll be interested to hear how it works.

    I bought the overnight serum by Wexler and it's working really well so far. I saw a huge difference overnight!
  8. I'd be interested too!

    Some days my skin looks fabulous, and the next, ugh!
  9. Update! This is Day Six. Taylor's skin is looking fabulous! She is soooooo excited about her transformation! She uses the wash and the moisturizer once a day in the morning (Purity at night to remove makeup). She has been spot treating only with the serum and cream per the recommendation of the skin expert at my local Sephora. Since she is on this treatment plan, I may discontinue the chemical peels. I think we have a success story here!
  10. This is great to know! My sister is currently on Proactiv, but I'm trying to get her to change. I started using Purity about a month ago and my skin has been looking awesome since!
  11. What is purity?
  12. I may have to give this a try.
  13. is it noticebly better?
    I tried everything (including Purity), they worked for 2 weeks and then stop working! I have constant zits on my forehead for about 6 years (i'm 24.. how bad is that?!)
  14. Purity is a creamy facial wash by Philosophy. It skyrocketed into fame after being chosen as one of Oprah's Favorite Things a few years ago, and now has cult status.

  15. Well, we are only on Day Eight so I can't say what the future holds, but we are very hopeful.

    I do know that we can increase usage if what she's doing isn't enough. Like using the On a Clear Day Hydrogen Peroxide cream over her entire face after the serum, rather than only spot treat. And she can use the Acne facial wash day and night, rather than just in the morning.