Philosophy 3-in-1

  1. I know many of you have probably used these products from Philosophy. They all smell so good! So do you really use them as shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath? Or just one? Is it a good shampoo? Which one is your favorite?

    I love the smell of this one: (indulges my sweet tooth without actually eating =x)


    They even have ones where all the proceeds go to charity like this one:

  2. I would never use it as shampoo b/c I have special-needs hair (lol), but as body wash and bubble bath it's great! I just wish the scents lingered on the skin, but they don't.

    I like the old-fashioned lemonade and the sweet sugar the best
  3. I use mine as 3 in 1. I have to agree with madamefifi...the scent only stays in the shower...wish it stays longer. I love the Red Delicious Apple & Empowermint.

  4. I don't use it as a shampoo, but mainly use it as bubble bath. Sometimes if I'm craving the smell I'll use it for a body wash...

    I like the Coconut and the Apple Cider the best.
  5. I use the Amazing Grace 3-in-1 as a shampoo and bubble bath, and I also have the Amazing Grace Hair Conditioner, Body Lotion and Perfume. If you use all of those....oh man, the scent definitely lingers all day. Smells soooo good!
  6. I use it as a shower gel and occassionally a bubble bath. I've never tried it as a shampoo but I have dry hair and am afraid it would be a little harsh.
  7. Oy, the pictures don't work, but they are from the Philosophy website.
  8. I use all the amazing grace products also, love them all. But I never use the 3-1 as shampoo. But I do find the conditioner nice. I love when you layer the scent. You couldn't possibly smell better when you layer all these products.