Philosophy 3 in 1 Bath and Shower gels?

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  1. I've been using LUSH shower gels on my hair and they work fine. My hair is quite thick and gets greasy. I don't even use conditioner most of the time because my hair gets really weighed down.

    I've smelled philosophy stuff in the stores and I think some of them smell great! I do prefer using the same kind of scent all over for both body and hair, so I wondered if their stuff was good as a shampoo?

    I would appreciate reviews!! :heart:
  2. Yes, they do work as shampoos. I've used amazing grace as a shampoo and shower gel and it worked fine. I have dry hair, so I always have to use a conditioner anyway.
  3. i wouldnt trust any philosophy 3 in 1 stuff on my hair. did it once and totally regret it as my hair didn't feel clean or soft afterwards. they are only good for shower gel.
  4. I don't believe in 3 in 1 products. Philosophy works great as a shower gel though. My favorite is the Margarita scent.
  5. I want to buy those 3-1's for stocking stuffers, since the gifts are for couples and then both guy and gal can use it.

    Does anyone know if you can buy them at a discount anywhere? Just curious:blush:
  6. I'm thinking of getting them from, but won't buy if not recommended as a shampoo.
  7. I HIGHLY recommend it as a shower gel, they smell soooooooo good. But I wouldn't use it on my hair.
  8. well, if lush shower gels are working for your hair I would think that philosophy would too!! I have used both and they have the same effect on my hair, they were just too drying for me. but the results were similar.
  9. I used the Amazing Grace 3 in 1 in my hair and had no problems with it. I ended up needing more conditioner, but if your hair is greasy, you'll be fine. I actually love the Lush Big shampoo. When my hair gets greasy there's nothing like it!

    Also none of the Philosophy scents last that long, I was layering my scent using the 3 in 1 with the body lotion and perfume, but the scent still didn't last long - maybe a couple hours.
  10. ^ QVC just had a really good deal on them. I can't remember exactly what it was, but I remember thinking "WOW that's a really good deal!" Check, they might still have it!

    I like 3-in-1's. I had the layer cake one and it smelled sooooo good. I did find that I needed a separate conditioner, but that didn't bother me. The vanilla cake scent worked really well with Tutti Dolce products from BBW...
  11. Don't recommend them as a shampoo.
  12. I like using them as a shampoo, but it's not the best thing I've ever had in my hair. I think it depends on the person and their hair type. A friend of mine told me about the 3 in 1 and how she loves it, and so I tried it. I do find you need a separate conditioner, as the 3 in 1 seems to dry your hair out. But I do use it. My favorite scents are raspberry sorbet and melon daiquiri. I say it's worth a try and see how it works with your hair!