philosophically speaking, would you get rid of a bag your SO did not like?

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  1. What would you do with a bag you loved but your DH or SO (Significant other, not special order)grimaced at every time he saw it?

    Would you keep it and live with the fugly face?

    Would you sell it, knowing there is always another fabulous bag around the corner?

    I would love to hear from you ladies and gentlemen on the topic.
  2. #2 Jul 3, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    It depends. If he doesn't like it and feels the need to make a comment everytime I carry it, I might get rid of it. Then again, if he doesn't like it and it irritates him whenever I carry it, I might keep it just to irritate him occasionally. :thinking: Also, wanted to add that I have returned things, because occasionally, he is right and they don't look that great on me.
  3. I've returned a couple of small bags because my husband / my son said they did not think they were for me, so yes, their opinion/preference matters to me.
  4. Hmm...mmm. I have never had that problem with a handbag, but my DH has expressed dislike of some colors and styles of clothing. He is not a fashion maven, but I do want to appeal to him. So yes, I did remove those things from my wardrobe after a period of time. I am lucky that he loves my taste in jewelry, furniture, art, handbags, and shoes, so I never see the fugly face for those. I am so curious... is it a new BV? one from the sale? - or later? What doesn't he like about it? - the scale, material, color? Oh, to have to choose... That is a most uncomfortable place to be!!!
  5. No. No way.
  6. ... I'm thinkingggggggggg...........

    (Was it an old Jack Benny joke .. the robber says "Your money or your life!" and Jack Benny pauses... says "I'm thinkingggggg!".. For you young people, Jack Benny was a comedian famous for being tight with his money.)
  7. I would sell it. I value my DH's opinions.
  8. No, no, no. They're my bags.

    Just as I respect SO's tastes, he respects mine. He would give approvals when he likes my bags, otherwise, he hardly cares two hoots. So far, he hasn't made bad comments about a certain bag each time I carry.
  9. I don't think I'd sell it if my SO didn't like it. I might use other bags but not sell it, if I liked it. If I was iffy about it in the first place, then I might consider getting rid of it, but not solely on someone else's opinion.
  10. It depends on how I feel about the bag. If I really love it I keep it and wear it when I go out without him (if you don't want to see the fugly face).
    Or I make him understand how much I love the bag and how beautiful it is.
    If the bag is not that special to me, I return it.
  11. Never! It's my bag and my opinion matters the most! That being said he has never commented on any of my bags (other than the number of them). I did have a similar situation with watches though ! I love large watches and was wearing a huge men's watch. He noticed it and said (with horror in his voice) "is that a men's watch????????!!!!!!!!!!". I said "yes and you'd better get used to it" and that was that.
  12. it is not a new BV, it is my gorgeous ferro new pyramid that i have had for a year. ferro as you all know is fantastic. my DH HATES the color (he hates grey leathers, he hates rouge H and he hates pinks)... and periodically makes a comment when I wear her. he is very into design and colors and particular about what i wear and like you, i want to appeal to him. i thought if i wore the ferro enough he would grow to love the color as much as i do, but nothing doing.... so i wonder.

    for a year now i have argued to myself, i love the bag, i will wear it no matter what he says... but you all know, it is nicer when he likes what i have on and i use it less because i know he doesn't like it. so it leads me to wonder whether i should get something we both like. then i think ferro is sooo nice and isn't a bag in the hand better than the ones in BV.

    to quote CG quoting Jack Benny "I'm thinkingggggggg"
  13. that makes me laugh! i love a big watch
  14. Nope and my husband would never respond that way even if he didn't like it. We can't all love the same things and he would never say a thing or make a face. :love: He's a sweet heart. :heart:
  15. i know the feeling - sometimes i feel like irritating him too:P