Philosophical purse question?

  1. Don't know why I'm feeling philosophical about purses....

    Do you think it's better/wiser to buy lots of expensive things (ie handbags) when you're young and have lots of $$ to throw around and spoil yourself with - with the knowledge that your life will become more "mature" when you're older (ie mortgages, bills etc)??


    Is it more appropriate to wait, save your $$ and really spoil yourself once you have established yourself and really want to treat yourself?

    Just wondering how one scenario plays against the other.

    Myself - well, I was thrust into "adulthood" before I was financially able to spoil myself with the $$ I earned whilst living at home w/ my parents - that is, before the responsiblilities of adulthood would have kicked in naturally. (Ahem, had an unplanned baby at 24...)

    So I didn't have the option of spoiling myself when I was young. I spoil myself a bit now - having 3 kids and a very successful business... I feel like I have earned it. But that is just me...

    What are your thoughts/opinions?
  2. I see both sides of it.

    My basic view is this: do it whenever you are comfortable doing so but never, ever put yourself in to ANY kind of debt for fashion. It simply isn't worth it. I always say, if you can't pay off the CC in full at the end of the month, don't buy things you don't absolutely need.

    Anyway, I was fortunate that I was able to start buying luxury goods for myself (or uh, my parents bought them...) when I was young, but now that I am older and on my own, I still do it. I can't say that I think either is more appropriate. So long as none of it sends you in to any kind of debt, do what makes you happy.
  3. I also see both sides.. but...

    I had a lot of money when I was in my early 20s.. a lot. I was pretty careful and didn't spend a ton on things. I was very responsible with my money. Now that I have responsibilities, I do wish I had "lived it up" more when I was so young. Its nice that I can buy myself things now, and I do feel like I waited a long time for them so I enjoy them tremendously.. but still...
  4. The mortgage comes first... then the stuff. :smile: You can be responsible but have fun and spoil yourself with the money that's leftover after you pay your bills.

    I knew a girl that bought the cutest blue Balenciaga, but she couldn't pay her rent that month. It was sad.
  5. Young people have more responsibilities than they think. Regardless of how carefree they are now, they will have a retirement to fund and it is always better to start earlier than later.

    And many people want to invest in a house or condo, regardless of whether they choose to marry or have children, so it is also wise to save for a downpayment.

    I say that once everything else is funded/paid, then definitely indulge whether you are young or established. I just don't buy that young people are as free of responsibility as many think.