Philly fans- something new

  1. Macy's Philly FINALLY has tokidoki. I went in a few days ago and they had:
    1 famiglia Zucca
    1 famiglia ciao ciao
    several famiglia BVs
    1 tutti avventura
    several tutti BVs
    1 tutti stellina
    1 tutti bambione

    i may have missed some, but i think thats it. While i was there, 2 girls were shopping around the lesportsac bags (both carrying regular lesportsac) and they were all like, what is this print? it's kind of wierd! so of course i had to be like...."it's tokidoki, it was designed by this guy, they're a little more $$ than regular LS but they're really valuable once the print gets discontinued.....blah blah blah blah........
    they had to think i was crazy.
  2. I was just in Philly two weeks ago and noticed those bags in stock, so they have been there for a while... kinda surprising (unless they have re-stocked since then). I also saw a Citta Scuola at Loehmann's a few blocks away.