Phillip Stein Watches

  1. I was looking through Life and Style magazine yesterday (Yes, I admit to a gossip mag addication! :P ) and noticed this brand of watch. I have noticed it before, mainly in connection to their celebrity clients. What I was wondering is that what are these mystical properties that it is supposed to have? The magazine says that Oprah thinks it gives her energy and relieves stress! From a watch?! I want one if it does all that! Does anyone own one of these? Did you feel any better wearing it? If nothing else I saw a really cute one for $595, but the Saks website isn't working so I can't post a pic.
  2. Philip Stein watches are also available at Neiman Marcus. I don't have one, but I like the design of them. Oprah gave them away on her annual "My Favorite Things" show last year. Here is a picture from NM (this watch is listed at $595).
    philip stein.jpg
  3. Yes...

    I'm thinking of buying myself one for my 30th birthday in Nov.

    Anybody out there that can tell us of their personal experience with Philip Stein watches?
  4. I have one. I can't honestly say that it has made me feel better as advertised. But I like the way it looks and the ability to change the bands. Very addictive, cause the bands are beautiful and easy to switch out. I have a pretty small wrist and I still like the way it looks - try it on.
  5. I have one too! And i always wear it, i love it. I dont know if it made me feel better but my BF says i am a little bit calmer :smile: I think he is just flattering me lol
  6. I have the large philip stein in it's gorgeous!!!
  7. I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if anyone else has any comments on these watches, as I am also considering for my 30th b-day.
  8. I have the one that's round with a sprinkling of diamonds on the face. I don't know if it makes me feel better, but I love switching out the bands! All the colors give such a different look to the watch-it's fun.
  9. I've thought about getting one too. I talked to a sa about them and she said since Oprah, their sales have skyrocketed.

    I like the idea of the changeable bands and two time zones. The sa said people agree it does calm. I think its just a magnet that does it.
  10. Yeah, I am a bit skeptical, but I am also really sensitive to stuff going on with my body. I might take the plunge and get the mini with the Sabbia lizard band. It is a cute watch and if it makes me calmer than that is a bonus.
  11. i have one with diamonds and i love it! I love how you can have two time zones on it and the ability to change bands all the time! I dont know if it made me feel less stressed or not, but my BF prefers to think that way lol.
    I got a big one with chronometer in it for his bday and he loves it too.All in all i love wearing it and never had any regrets about getting it!!
  12. I just purchased one for my dh for his upcoming bday - I liked the idea of it having some affect on your mood, but know he'll love the style.
  13. I just took the plunge. Should have it tomorrow (special order).

    I let you know if I am healed on Monday ;)
    Philip Stein.jpg
  14. ^I've never seen that one, it is really pretty! I have the one posted at the top of the thread, and I love it. While I don't believe the whole calming, stress-relieving aspect, the watch is great!
  15. That's the one I have too! And I love it, although hand on heart it has made zero difference to my sleep/well-being except in the effects that looking at a watch I love have on my smile frequency rates!