Phillip Lim and general NYC questions....

  1. hey guys - where has the best selection currently of phillip lim 3.1, i love his stuff and want to stock up when am in NYC next week as over here in London it is so much more expensive! Also, which chanel boutique is the best/has best selection etc?

    Same for Louboutin - best range of styles and sizes?

    Basically any boutiques and vintage places I cant miss please let me know! Thanks :nuts:
  2. There was supposed to be a Phillip Lim store opening in NYC.
  3. Yeah I heard about that too - dont think has opened yet though?
  4. Net A Porter will deliver to your hotel room (or anywhere in the city).

    Also try Barney's and Bergdorfs.
  5. I've bought a couple of Phillip Lim dresses from Big Drop NYC and I think Barney's selection is pretty good. I've only been to the one in Beverly Hills though.